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Global announcement: Development halted due to technical diffculities

Due to some unforeseen event. All development of all of the game running "Rpg maker vx ace" Had been halted. And all announced and unannounced game release date had been moved until further notice.

the cause of the problem was the "Not responding" notice upon running the said engine was seen during development, And cause the engine to hang up upon running thus rendering the program useless at this point.

Until the problem is resolved development of all game under "rpg maker vx ace" is stopped until further notice.

were sorry that you all are anticipated to try out game demos and other games that will be release during the "Release something weekend", but this problem is unexpected. And also the first time that this kind of problem was happened with rpg maker vx ace product. (There are only 2 out of 2 complains that was having the same problem that was currently unsolved)

Again, Until the problem is resolved all development had been halted.

There will be no game that are up for cancellation during this crises.
and other games under developed running in a different engine are not affected in this crises.

And also if you have any ideas on how this can be resolved, I will be very grateful if you help out on fixings this situation.

Thank you for understanding this situation. And hope that this will be resolved at the earliest time.


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Huh, interesting jomar. Always entertained my friend.
I might be more interested in this..if I could decipher it better. :x
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