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Time Arena is a simple game made for a contest by F93 that I translated from Italian in English.
I didn't ask the author's permission because the site where the game was hosted went down and I don't know how to contact the author. If anyone knows how to contact him, please tell me.

This little game features:

-7 maps (5 playable)
-2 playable characters
-standard menu and BS
-kamikaze robots
-a time machine
-1 hour or so of gameplay

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Jeez, the download for this game is missing a lot of key files. The best way to get around this issue is to download something like "Pokemon Hunter 2" that was made with the same engine since it includes all of the default files you'll need.

Unfortunately even with that some spells don't work correctly. The most notable examples are the main character's stat boosting and healing abilities. To make matters worse those abilities have file names that are impossible to see or are comprised entirely of spaces. So you would have to work out the actual name of the file through trial and error.

Another notable exception is the second to last boss who possess an attack called cold. And you'll definitely want to add a file by that name to the battle folder since the boss is very likely to use it. I suppose you could hope the scythe's ability activates while attacking the second to last boss in order to instant kill since many other bosses in the game can actually be taken down by it, but the odds of that happening on the first turn are rather slim if it's possible at all.
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