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My brother is working on a game and asked me to post it here. Enjoy.

The World of Evandrus. A lush, beautiful, peaceful yet new world. Many parts undiscovered, yet ruins remain of an ancient race. Many seek to find answers and
knowledge. Yet it is no simple task. Monsters lurk all around the world, praying on the weak and unwary.

The world is divided into four continents. The biggest is the Eastern continent of Bladensburg, home to the Erato Empire and Lord Emperor, Bildon.

To the north is the cold country of Omena, which is under control of the empire of Bladensburg.

To the South is the dessert and warm country of Heimdal, which is an independant land of merchants and mercenaries.

The last country is in which this adventure starts and home to our young hero. The land of Pyramus, ruled by the Empire of Pyramus and it's ruler, Queen Tethran.

Currently there is a peace treaty between the two empires, after a war called the "Red Rain War", which occured 50 years ago, caused much destruction to the land. Yet, like all stories and history, peace can only last so long....

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I am not the creator of this game. My brother is and he asked me to post it here for him.
Game breaker - when in the ruins - you find AYZEN and the monster comes out and then the game freezes and cannot play. Any Help - Thanks
When you leave the castle you are told to check on ayzen - he is not in his bed and the black figure standing there says nothing - does nothing ? Any Help ? Thanks !
The demo ends once you recruit Jessica.
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