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Live Coal Pokémon
Fire Type Pokemon

Magby has a red body, with a yellow, flame-shaped marking on its stomach, a single spike on its back and stubby arms, and a short red tail. Magby's head is covered with large lumps that resemble hair. Like its evolutions, Magby has a black, metal shackle on its neck.

A Magby's health is determined by the flames that it spews from its mouth. Yellow flames show that a Magby is in good health while a Magby that is spewing flames that are mixed with a lot of smoke show that it is fatigued. However, Magby is able to intentionally expel such obscuring smoke as to lower the accuracy of the opponent.

Spitfire Pokémon
Fire Type Pokemon

Magmar is a tailed, bipedal Pokémon with a red body that has a yellow flame design on it. It has a yellow tail that has a flame on the tip. Magmar has yellow thighs, and red feet with two toes each. Magmar's arms are covered in red, rigid scales and it has red hands with five fingers. It has black, metal shackles on its neck and legs. Magmar has a row of red spikes running down its back, two lumps on its forehead with a flame on top of each one and a yellow beak. Its body temperature is nearly 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Magmar are known to be tireless, “savage and intelligent” Pokémon that are prone to unprovoked violence and wily treachery. Magmar is reported as being very swift and alacritous in high temperatures, and rather dopey and sluggish in colder environments, similarly to a cold-blooded animal. Because it hates cold places, this Pokémon typically resides in and around active volcano’s. Magmar also seems to be able heal its wounds by “dipping its wound into lava”. Hardly submissive, this restless Pokémon has even been known to alter unfavorably wintry surroundings using its Fire-type powers. In areas it finds to frigid, Magmar will spit scorching flames about to warm up the area and establish an environment with a more conflagrant ambience. In battle, if Magmar is clearly dominant, it “blows out intense flames from all over its body” as to intimidate its foes. However, an outmatched Magmar will quickly retreat, using its fiery camouflage and its “wavering, rippling glare” to blend into any present fires.

Blast Pokémon
Fire Type Pokemon

Magmortar is the evolved form of Magmar. It looks like a buffed up humanoid creature with characteristics of a duck and the mythical Salamander.Its legs are similar to Magmar's except that Magmortar has pink thighs and its legs are smaller in proportion to its body than Magmar's, whose legs are in proportion to its own body (which is why Magmortar moves slower than Magmar). Instead of a beak and two flame-like horns it had as a Magmar, Magmortar has pink lips and one singular flame on its head.

Its other notable features are the two rows of pink spikes running down its back, red and yellow flame stripes on its body and a tail that is entirely covered in flames. Magmortar also has orange shoulder pads that resemble flames and yellow, tubular arms with a black band and three claws on each one. When Magmortar prepares to attack with its hands, the claws may disappear into its skin, forming something similar to a cannon. It blasts fireballs of over 3,600°F (2,000°C) from the ends of its arms, its body taking on a whitish hue from the heat.

Water Weed Pokémon
Water Type Pokemon

Lotad has a blue body with a yellow bill-like mouth and six small blue legs. It appears to have a lilypad on its back. It is believed that when a Lotad's leaf becomes too big, it starts to float on the water.

Lotad has most of the abilities of Water-type Pokémon. It is able to float into the middle of ponds and lakes and photosynthesize food for itself without direct competition from others. It can also serve as ferries for smaller Pokémon that can't swim.
Lotad is usually quite placid and easygoing. On rare occasions, It travels on land in search of clean water. If it does not drink water for too long, the leaf on its head wilts.

Jolly Pokémon

Lombre is mostly aqua-colored, with a pattern of green extending from the sides of its head down to its feet like a garment of some sort, excluding its stubby, rounded ear. It has a red, bill-like mouth, along with a bigger lilypad on its head than its pre-evolution. The lilypad itself has a notch in it, and, due to Lombre's bipedal stance, resembles a sombrero.

Its arms are long in comparison to its body, and have four red-colored fingers and one thumb each. Lombre's feet, which are green from the coloration pattern have three red toes. It is very human like, so much so that it is often mistaken for human children. Lombre is a mischievous Pokémon, tugging on the fishing lines of anglers from beneath the surface and enjoying their consternation, or otherwise popping out of rivers and startling people. Lombre is nocturnal, sleeping at the water’s edge in a bed of water grass and becoming active at night.

Carefree Pokémon
Water-Grass Pokemon

Ludicolo is a mixture of a pineapple and a duck (or possibly a platypus). Ludicolo appears to sport a poncho and a green sombrero, which looks similar to a lily pad. It is colored yellow with black eyes and an orange bill. Its green, somewhat mitten-like hands are extremely large in comparison to other Pokémon's hands, and has two black lines of markings on its palms. There is a large, green sombrero-like feature on its head, with a short brown stem coming out of the top of it with a yellow spiky upper portion.

There are several dark yellow stripes on its body and around its eyes is a patch of green. Ludicolo's legs are thick, green and sport a pattern of a black circle on the foot's underside.Ludicolo can use several attacks such as Nature Power and Mega Drain, its attacks become even more powerful if it hears festive music as its muscles are filled with energy and the particles in its body begin to move faster, amplifying its power. Ludicolo also has the power of happiness, its dancing influences other people and Pokémon to join the dance as well. As a fully-evolved Pokémon, it can use Hyper Beam and Giga Impact.

Cottonweed Pokemon
Grass Pokemon

Hoppip has a small, round pink body with long green sprouts, resembling the leaves of dandelions in shape, coming out of its head. It is extremely light and can easily blow away in the wind. It also has big, triangular ears with dark insides, small arms and legs, and a tiny tail. Hoppip's beady yellow eyes appear to lack pupils, and it has a circular yellow spot on the underside of each foot.

Hoppip’s most unique feature is its ability to be blown into the air. All it needs is a light breeze and Hoppip can be lifted off the ground and blown by the wind. Hoppip are also capable of using a variety of Grass-type moves, like those involving powders, seeds, and the draining of energy, although Hoppip are also capable of learning the Bug-type move U-turn. Hoppip are by necessity social creatures. Their light bodies make them extremely vulnerable to winds, so they cluster together and link sprouts with each other in order to anchor themselves in place, or grip the ground firmly with their feet to keep from being blown away.

Cottonweed Pokemon
Grass-Flying Type Pokemon

Skiploom is a plant Pokémon and has a round, green body with stubby arms, feet, and tail. It has large, flat ears on the sides of its head, and a yellow bloom on the top of its head. Skiploom has ovoid red eyes with no pupils.Much like Hoppip, Skiploom needs a gust of wind to get itself airborne. It flies using its flower as a propeller. The bloom on top of its head open and closes as the temperature fluctuates up and down and its flower blossoms when the temperature rises above 64°F. Because of this it is sometimes used as a thermometer.

Skiploom spreads its petals to absorb as much sunlight as possible. It also floats in the air to try to get closer to the sun. When it rains, this Pokémon closes its flower and immediately hides under the shade of a tree to avoid getting wet. Skiploom float in the sky to soak up as much sunlight as they can, and, like their other evolutionary forms, float freely over grasslands and open countryside.

Cottonweed Pokemon
Grass-Flying Type Pokemon

Jumpluff's body is blue and round. Three cotton puffs, almost as large as the body itself, extend off it: one on each arm, and one on top of its head. Three or four leaves grow at the base of the top puff. Jumpluff has round feet and a small tail, and its eyes are red and beady.Jumpluff can use its fluffy cotton spores to float through the air. These spores can control its flight even in the extremely high winds of a hurricane. Jumpluff drifts on seasonal winds and can use its cotton spores to masterfully maneuver itself around the globe.

It will spread spores as it floats around to create offspring. Jumpluff descends to the ground if it encounters cold air currents while it is floating.Jumpluff spend a great deal of time in the air, however the majority of sightings have been in air spaces above open paddocks and grasslands as well as in the canopy of forests. Little is known about what Jumpluff do when not in the air, as most research done into them revolves around their unique way of being "carried" by the wind. As it is stated numerous times that Jumpluff spread spores as they fly, it can be gathered that their reason for floating through open grasslands is not only due to the abundance of breezes in areas free of trees, but also because the spores require spaces to be blown to.

Images and certain writing from Bulbapedia


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I love it that you're taking already well-known pokemon and using them as starters. Well done.
I love it that you're taking already well-known pokemon and using them as starters. Well done.

Thank you good sir.
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good idea using everyday pokemon as starters it gives gamers a new look at those pokemon who are usually just discarded into the waild and labeled as "lame"
definitely have to try this game!
keep upthe good work you just got 1 suber
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