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Game's cancelled. Show's over.

I have given up on this crap. Who was I kidding? I'm currently practicing more and more in RPG Maker to work up and perfect my skills, so, yeah, this game - don't expect anything more from it.

Progress Report

Prologue and Chapter 1 Done

Prologue and Chapter 1 is entirely done, most of the characters are done, though only two are playable in this one (sorry). There aren't really too much of dungeons in this one as this will only be the base structure on which I will add the main building, so if you think this one is missing dungeons or has too few encounters and is too story-based, don't worry, I just wanted this demo to be done before the NaGaDeMo, after Chapter 2, this game will feel more like an RPG.

Progress Report

Progress Report

The prologue of my game is done,
I wish to finish off the 1st chapter at least for NaGaDeMo!
Hope this attracts more people, because this time I want to deliver a far better experience than what I did in Black Shadows, my previous game. I am working much harder for this one than Black Shadows.
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