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Lantern started off as a 7-day FPS game that went horribly awry; turns out it was a ton of fun to work on and had a lot of potential, so here I am, making a semi-full game out of it!

My goal with Lantern was to make a multiplayer shooter that wasn't based on twitch reflexes or aim alone, but also based on cleverness, stealth and, to an certain point, paranoia. The game takes place in a dark, abandoned house, with nothing to provide you light or navigation besides a few lanterns and windows. Clutter and trash lay strewn about, providing you cover to hide behind or obstacles to your path.
You play as a lowly murderer, who took refuge from the police in the house - not knowing that several other murderers had the same idea! Equipped with only a gun and a flashlight, you must survive by eliminating the other murderers before they find you and do the same.

  • Multiplayer tactics based around stealth and trickery, assembled in a way never seen before!
  • Murder your friends!
  • Joining a game is as quick as the press of a button! No games available? Starting your own server is just as easy!
  • Scoreboards!
  • Random name generation!
  • Playable via standalone on Windows/Mac, and if I'm lucky, in your browser via Unity Web Player!

So yea, that's Lantern! I hope to finish it up soon; I've been busy with contract work and other larger projects. However, the game is 90% content complete, with some bug-fixing and tweaking left, but I should be able to finish all that in a month, being generous :)

Original 7-day FPS page: http://7dfps.org/?projects=lantern
Play LANTERN here!
(Read the blog for info on controls, notes, bugs, upcoming changes, etc.)

Latest Blog

Hiatus & Explanation

Hi everyone!

So, Lantern is on Hiatus, but in my eyes, it's 90% complete. The main issues would be:

1) Remaining art assets, namely the character art & animations
2) A high level of polish so I can call this a "finished" game

My problem is that I don't have much time to finish that polish at the moment. I was interrupted by contract work (much-needed) and admittedly got caught up with other projects.
My other problem with Lantern is that it's a great idea, but it's multiplayer-only, and since it's unlikely that it would ever attract the audience needed for a sustained multiplayer community, it's pretty hard to actually play unless you set something up with friends. In that regards, it's more of a novelty - a fun novelty, but not one that's easy to play when you want to.

If I have a free week and the inspiration, I will sit down and finish Lantern. Until then, if you and some friends want to kick back and shoot each other in a haunted house, be my guest :) the game should always be on my website. If you do, please let me know what you think! I promise I'll read your thoughts.
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I think this has some pretty strong survival horror potential, if you ever want to go that route. Ever play Condemned: Criminal Origins?
Nope! And "randomized survival horror via multiplayer" is kind of what I was going for. Instead of memorizing when bad guys are going to pop out and attack you, you have to practice the skills to hide and find them first.

I've honestly never played a traditional horror game.
): I cant go to the place I wanted!! It says 404 place not found!!
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