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(Note: We are recruiting for this project. If you'd like to be a part of Colonist and think you can help, or even just want to see changes and updates, check out the blog)

Colonist is an exploration/simulation game. There's no combat, no gory battles and wars and no villain to combat. Sound boring? Well you're stuck in the wilderness of a new region with a small group of people ready to set up a new colony in the name of their kingdom far away and they're relying on you to find somewhere safe, they're relying on you to go out into the world and find the materials they need to build, they're relying on you to develop this small group of people into a sustainable village and eventually, a thriving city!

The story is that(not you are, as stated above, colonising a new region. Once your Town Hall is settled, it will be up to you to explore the lands around the village and find materials and supplies. You have forests and caves to delve into in a search to find wood, ores, minerals and even lost treasures, with which you can return to the village and supply whatever construction you wish, whether it be a shop for more advanced drills or scouting post to help you find better caves to explore. It's your choice! You'll have plenty of responsibility to build up the town, but once it's done, you may well be deserving a promotion, to take on some more tasks to help your village develop to its fullest!

Latest Blog

Taking Feedback

We've got a lot of feedback so far and much of it has been incredibly helpful, some things covering stuff we completely missed, and others are unfortunately issues we're having trouble with ourselves. There will be a lot of changes to that section based on much of the feedback we've received to make it fuller and better explained, especially since the systems can be quite confusing at first glance.

Some of the feedback is on the profile page, and for anyone who might try the game out and look for feedback or problems, I've made a post explaining a lot of the issues; either what the plans to fix them will be or what improvements will be getting made.



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This concept looks promising. I played through the Alpha and wrote down some notes about improvements and things that need looking into - sent you a message with the whole list. Subscribed and keep up the good work!
Was Built From Pixels Up
Just read through your notes and will be taking a lot of it into consideration. I have noticed a couple of the same errors after i uploaded it (including that the village tileset hasn't been double-checked for passability) and I've clearly forgotten to notinmap the weather system.

A lot of the dialogue will be getting revamped; we were just wanting to get the content there so we could get some tests on the gameplay before going too in-depth with dialogue; there's plans for deeper character development as well, since they'll be the only characters in the game.

Cheers for takin' the time to send me the notes :)
No problem, it was a fun way to pass a spare hour. I might be available to test out forthcoming versions later on since I really liked the kind of a game this seems to be shaping into.
Live feedback, inbound.

-Nice title screen. Looks kinda stock, but is nicely laid out and feels appropriate.

-And then we immediately quality-jump as we cut to low-res ms paint artwork. Not so much a fan, and it clashes.

-"Alright then folks, that's us here that we've been preparing for." Period after folks, comma after then. Not sure what the second half of the sentence means.

-I really like the stats and equipment layout at first glance. I'll experiment a little further to see if there are any issues here.

-Encountered what looked like a brown rock immediately after encountering the first log. Equipped pick axe and swung at it for a few minutes. Then tried every other equipment piece on it. Nothing seemed to even dent it. Not sure if this is deliberate (and should be explained) or a bug.

-BUG: Tool cycle option is great, and displays nicely. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work properly. I've found myself with a machete that behaves like an axe. I switched from a machete to an axe via the cycle, and the machete sprite still appeared when I swung, even though the axe registered as equipped in my inventory. I was able to duplicate this bug with all different equipment.

-It is not always clear what is and what isn't a connection between two maps.

-Finished the first task called First Dig (a second one with the same name pops up after you clear it, for some reason) but the middle objective never cleared (dig into the cave and find any useful items or materials.) Did I miss something, or is this a bug?

-Main map is confusing with multiple overlapping locations.

-BUG: Got exhausted in the backriver cave. The "John retires to the village" thing triggered twice, although I only appear to have lost one day.

-BUG: Went to the backriver cave, explored everything I cared to, tried to go back to the village, but found myself unable to exit the screen leading into the cave. When I tried to go right, it told me I still had unfinished business in the cave. When I tried to go left, the event that switches between screens did not appear to be implemented.

-Got a game over after succumbing to exhaustion again, because I couldn't leave the cave. Not sure why it game over'd. There were no indications that this game could be lost, and I definitely didn't feel any pressure to do well, either. As far as player motivation goes, that is a seriously lacking component.

-Overall assessment of what I played: Intelligent concept, difficult execution. I think with some mechanical polishing and a little bit of bug-testing, you should have a very solid title on your hands.
Very very happy to see a game like this. Might be a while before I get around to playing it but I will at least give it a try.
Was Built From Pixels Up
Glad you think so. The current demo is very short, but if you're a fan of this type of game it might be better off to wait until we release a proper demo rather than playing the testing stage that is very rough around the edges.

Thanks for taking the time to send the feedback; I've been getting a lot of the same things mentioned, so everything should be fixed.

In response to you, and for anyone else who might want to test it and find any problems, I'll quickly go over some of the mentioned stuff:

Title screen is just stock; not had anyone to make up a screen for it yet, nor have I had anyone to make art for the region map, which was done fairly quickly to get the idea across; I didn't want to spend too long on a placeholder.

I should mention that it is there for testing more than demo purposes to catch any problems and make sure the basic game works fine, so we know what to improve to advance; much of the dialogue and instructions will be getting vastly changed, as they're extremely basic right now. (this includes the quest, where I obviously put the wrong name xD)

The tool cycle is an issue I'm having trouble with due to the ABS. The weapon itself will change, but the icon it draws doesn't update; this is the same reason the health bar doesn't always go down when it should; I need to ask Khas' if there's a script call to update the hud/icon drawing from the common events that run them.

The brown rock is supposed to be too strong for tools to break and requires the Drill Gun; however, since no damage counters appear above them I can see the confusion, and none of us have noticed (since we're already in the know!). Fresh eyes is exactly what we needed; there will be a better instructional on that map and I'll make sure it covers those rocks.

The middle objective never clears as human error, I've obviously made a mistake in the script call that completes it.

I'm not sure what you mean by "main map". Do you mean the exploration/forest maps around the caves? It's possible they will be changed or edited, or at the very least the next section of exploration/caves will be different than them; they're intended to be larger, if nothing else.

About the game over, I'm not sure either actually, I must have set the exhaustion checker wrong, as the game is, as you say, never meant to actually have a game over. That will definitely need to be fixed.

You're the first person to mention a problem with being stuck in a cave, so I'm not sure what that issue is, but will look into it and hopefully have it resolved.

I think that's everything. Again, cheers for taking the time to give feedback, it's exactly what we needed to get the improvements it needs :)
At the moment exhausted at second... if that happend at second cave... wich are large
and that dark place ... GAME is dark...

Anyway... good (can i use also Unique ) idea!!
wow this game is so cool im playing it now i remember the tv show
and i liked it a lot.
sorry, you hawe also that Dance =O.
wery good...

Well... i hawe questions...
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
I'm not sure if this game is still being updated, but I do hope so, what I have played has quite a bit of potential. I like the characterisation so far but there are still a few glitches. The Saida character seems to have some trouble with her syntax mixing verb-subject-object order. Oddly that doesn't seem to be the case with most of the other characters so I'm wondering if it is intentional. Are you trying to express that she comes from somewhere other than the remaining members of the colonisation crew? Because you may need to be a little less subtle about it, a comment perhaps about her land or her people that differs from the rest of the team.

I quite like the exhaustion/stamina system and the idea that using the wrong tool will get the job done but will make it more tiring, that's a nice touch. I also like the fact that not everything is explained, I didn't know for example that I could collect the mushrooms until I accidentally walked over one and automatically added it to my inventory.

The town growth is handled well, and quite organic which is a good immersion tool, you can see what you are working towards. The music choices aren't the best, it's not just they are the RTP, I have no issue with that, they're just not chosen that well, you may want to think about the overall mood you are trying to convey.

Anyway as I said I do hope this is still being worked on as I enjoyed the portion I played.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
The Rpg Maker version of The Forest w/o a cannibalistic tribe? :D
ill check it out at some point :3

guh made in 2012 playing it now and it needs fixes! he probably cant edit the map anymore and heck may not even be active o.o

ok played as much as the game would let me here goes...

Tear em a new hole mode activate!
This tab includes a honest,brutal and realistic view of how i feel about this
and its in a tab for a reason!

1.not marked as canceled or even hiatus yet its far from finished
2.missing features and few areas
3.so much passabilty!
4.it rains inside the house!
5.what is the purpose of the forge!? how do you make something?
6.the stamina bar top left is not accurate until you go into the menu and back out
7.no idea what the blue bar under that is for
8.some inconvenient/gamebreaking glitches/nonexistent triggers
the idea was good i was enjoying this quite a lot honestly
and certainly if fixed and finished properly id love to see where this goes.
but as is id rather the page just be deleted if its never going to be finished sometime soon. considering its already been 2-3 years now and all we have is a short broken demo?

pass,avoid destroy this! potential of what it could be or have been side this is currently a waste of time.
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