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A Complete Mess

King's Quest is a game where you walk around and do... things. It's hard to say exactly what your doing in this game due to the lack of direction. I had a huge problem just getting the game to play due to the download missing files.

You start of in front of a tent in an open field with a group of RTP heroes. You get to chose an animal companion to come with you. They all have the same stats, except for the bull which has no weapon. From there, you wander into a "town", which is really just a bunch of random NPCs and misused building tiles. Among the NPCs is a a beggar who will ask for gold every time you bump into him. If you give him gold, he gives you a potion that increased movement speed. But if you refuse, he steals 10 gold from you. The beggar doesn't use a switch, so you can earn infinite potions from him. He also follows the player making it really easy to accidentally bump into him.

You then enter a castle. Right away, you're given a hint about a vendor which sells potions. Unfortunately, these potions don't actually do anything. The queen tells you to kill her husband for reasons unexplained. She also gives you a new party member who's more powerful than the rest of your party combined. Heading south through the castle randomly teleports you to a mine. The game gives you a warning message saying you should be level 10 or higher, but it doesn't matter since the mines have no enemies.

You get transported to the next area after finding the teleportation tile. Then you fight the boss, the king himself. He can be paralyzed by the super-soldier the queen gave you and goes down easily. Just like the rest of the game, the event that triggers the battle doesn't use switches, so he can be farmed for ridiculous amounts of EXP and gold.

After you kill him, you lose your old party and get a new party member who was apparently Aluxes's pupil. This new character and your selected animal get a new quest from the queen who tells you to go to the new prison they built by paving over people's houses. The prison itself has no walls, no wonder he escaped so easily! After wandering through more random maps, you ascend to heaven and kill Diablo the prisoner. Then the game loops back to the start.

My advice to the author:
-Spell check. Being new to RPG Maker is no excuse for bad spelling and grammar.
-Learn the basics of RPG Maker like event commands, switches, variables, and the database.
-Look up mapping tutorials. There's tons out on the internet.

Once you have the basics down, make a short RPG to understand how games are designed and how the development process works.


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sorry bout the mess. I've made a new project if you wanna shed some of your wisdom on that once it is accepted
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