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It seems that William, the wielder of the Great Sword has disappeared from the face of the planet, without a trace. This is most unfortunate, as this means there are a lot of monsters that don't have to fear this great giant's wrath.

Even worse, it seems a new evil has arisen over the past centuries. Can Corry and his friends stop this new demon, or is the world doomed once again? Can they even do it without the help of the Great Sword and its wielder's power?

This version of Dragon Kingdoms II is an RPG Maker VX Ace remake of the 1999 (yes, 1999) original, which is on RPG Maker 2 Super Dante.

It was made up to five completed maps with events and several treasures, in 30 days. The full version should be available sometime next year, with the next major release projected for late February of 2013. Yes, there will be a 2013, lol (provided we don't CAUSE the apocalypse). The supposed end of the world is the day after Dragon Kingdoms V turns eight years since it was completed.

While in the demo, you only control one character, you will control eleven other characters in the course of the game. Here's hoping Dragon Kingdoms II does at least as well as its RM2k big brother.

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