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The X platoon got separated and need to defeat Joe but they have no idea how they got in this RPG world. So Slash, Lucky, Thunder, Yo, and Flash (all the charters are apart of the X platoon) finds out that Joe has broken the portal to home. The X platoon now have to get another portal and destroy Joe. also the other world they got stuck in.

But evil stands in the way like in every adventure,Ginatu and Caruru. Ginatu is the older sister of slash and thinks she has dominance over him. Caruru is the keronean gone rogue and has built a car like thing to destroy the X platoon. Will the platoon ever get back home?

NOTE: i am new at this so please don't hate me if its the worst game you have ever seen

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  • Completed
  • slash_gotcho
  • lucky_nitohei
  • RPG Maker VX
  • Action
  • 07/24/2012 10:32 PM
  • 05/13/2022 11:20 PM
  • 07/26/2012
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Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Ok so I don't hate you, but this is really bad, I mean really terribad. It is very very rare that I can say that a game has no redeeming features that I can see, but I think this may be one of those occasions.

I'm not even sure I know where to start, I feel like I need to wash my eyeballs after some of the mapping I've just been subjected to, it's nonsensical. Not in a surreal I'm trying to create a sense of dissociation with reality situation, they're just senseless. Rooms with no walls, houses with two different types of rooves layered on top of one another, random placement of furniture and objects, the list is endless and none of it is forgiveable. Add to the visual dogs breakfast and you get a narrative one as well. The story and I use that word completely erroneously in this context is a garbled and disjointed mess with no relevance to most of what appears on screen. I have been able to decipher some convoluted and tangential works before in my time but this defeats me.

I can't offer any ideas about how to fix this other than scrap it, go and read some tutorials and then start again.
I can agree that it is unfortunately rather bad.

It appears that storywise these houses were blown up - so it makes sense for no walls to be apparant, but you really cannot make it out as ruins, either.
As it is, the mapping is very confusing and without a general guideline. The interior of other rooms are too large (where you have the first real dialogue), and the event that follows, a flashback, can be repeated.
What I really miss is some directive element - either explain more through dialogue. Where is this, why does it look like a crambled something? What were you trying to achieve before everything blew up?

Or if you do not want to do it like that, give the environment more direction. Make a clear path to follow visible (in that said room with the flashback, you have no idea where to go at all, bare the stairs you came back from!). That makes it easier to go along and pick up parts of the plot while you are at it.

Still, this is hard to understand on all levels. The mapping is confusing, so is the dialogue and the themes.
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