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Back home, things are pretty familiar but softly different. Mum is older, the world has been spinning, time has played his cards. You visit the neighbours and discover that Sandy's mother - Edith - has passed away. Realisation grows that there will come a time when the world will spin without you. You discover that another neighbour refuses to leave her bed because she doesn't want to potentially miss-out on something by doing something else. Another describes how there is no present, there is no now, that astronomy and archaeology are sciences of the past.

Elsewhere there are old faces to see, childhood friends scattered around the organic community. There are walks to be had and other villages to visit. Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has a deep disavowal. There is a train station. When you leave is your choice. Have you done what needs to be done? Have you done what you came here for? There is a forest halfway through your journey "mezzo del cammin" as the Italians say. It is the experience of middle age; when your pains can't be fixed, where a child smiles and your face cracks with not your old hard-pressed smile but with the child's or one remembered.

Heads-up: this game deals with religious views and some rather frank views on ageing and death. However, the intention is not to provoke reaction but to provoke contemplation.


I want to honour my childhood. I'd like to recall those experiences and share them. I'd like a "monument-of-sorts" to the people I have found, misplaced and lost along the way.


-Hand made maps and animations, crafted or painted.
-I'd like to say "original soundtrack" but that sounds horrible and corporate and not what independent game making is about.
-Original soundtrack.
-Extended metaphors.
-Tree-houses, mums, baby animals, old people, love and more love, truth, lies, questions that are allowed to remain unanswered.

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Beeswing Trailer

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The Big Step

After spending over a year working on this intermittently between teaching and working on other projects I decided to go ahead and try to get some crowd funding for it. Since I started the game I've focused on game making, music and art to the extent that I now feel I can truly make something I can be proud of. The game has shifted gear considerably since I started on it, with an altogether different engine and much more dynamic animations being used.

The game is currently doing well on Kickstarter and I'm very grateful for all the support garnered so far. It's currently way past the goal which is a real achievement I feel for a game of this ilk; being somewhat personal, combatless and devoid of irony/ post-modernism. I felt obliged to make a little blog post here about it because I feel my game making career really started at this site.

Thanks for your consideration,
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I'm really looking forward to this.

Thanks man, I'm sorry that it's taking so long, I'm aiming for January though.
haha! Yes, yes, I know. I got waylaid but it's back in action and I am really on it now. It's become a bit bigger than I first thought. So new aim is February 2014 with a collection of mini/ mobile narratives to go with it.
I'll post some updates in the coming weeks in fact, hows about that?
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