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Expanding upon the game

  • strelles
  • 10/26/2012 12:47 PM
So yeah, I've been thinking about how to expand on the game, as I really want to round up the experience, and extend it for maybe an hour.

I'd like to know how the game feels, and how people feel about it. Play experience? What's fun? What's annoying? What would you like me to add?

Thanks for the comments people!
Gamer Seb.


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I wouldn't mind expanding the dating sim element of the game a little bit more. After all, that's a big part of the "Princess Maker" series. Perhaps expanding your romanceable options? I felt like Natalie and Eric were locked into romancing the Prince and error respectively. Is it possible for them to romance each other? Could I potentially romance Sister? Do all of the romances have to be heterosexual? What kind of random events could one have to improve relationships? Could you give gifts to people you like? Could they admire people with certain stats (maybe Sister only dates people with a high enough faith score)?

I wouldn't mind more dungeons. Cracking open your project in RPG Maker, I saw there were three. But I only discovered two. Expanding the dungeons to have some basic puzzles in them would be nice.

That's all I have for now. I'll give it some more thought.
Being able to sell equipment. Perhaps harder battles. Maybe just longer to. Perhaps going in a dungeon once a month doesnt take time. Take auto battle off the fist selection, cant count the times I accidentaly pressed it. Great game gave me a rune factory feel to it. Maybe a bigger city, with more people to interact with.
In the church will stairs, either up or down, ever really work...or the door? And I agree that auto-battle needs to be second, although by now once you hit it, the battles are over lickety-split so battles should also be harder like bigtime mentioned.

I think Lensky has a good idea. With a lot of games asking questions in the beginning of the game, how you want to play, etc...it isnt too odd to maybe have a selection for those who want to play it differently. How hard would it be to make a selection available?

Straight mode....the usual
1/2 & 1/2 cream for my coffee mode....Natalie and Eric both vying for the Prince and the Prince playing the field for both
Sometime you feel like a nut mode.....Eric and the Prince and probably even Old Man having only eyes for each other; imagine the dialogue!

I like the sexual tension both Sister and Natalie are the center of.
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