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In this game you are a child, This child has been in a car crash. As the title implies he has to explore his mind. In this tale you will see your nightmares and dreams alike. Within the mind You will see Major towns to small villages. With each map you get closer to your destination. This game features many things with hardly any of the original battlers in the RTP.

Anyway, with the game you move with arrow keys. You also have the ability to customize what your menu looks like. This game features alot more then my original game and is a lot more complicated. With this one I have tried to make it more clear and if you find a bug pm me and I will fix it.

Also If this is to hard I will eventually put up a walk through in the hopes its slightly easier.

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Ok, the new download adds an option at the end to start from last checkpoint or start from start and at current level
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  • cammenball
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  • 10/27/2012 07:35 AM
  • 02/15/2018 04:49 AM
  • 10/27/2012
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I'm a dog pirate
I approved on the condition that you'll continue to improve the maps. Here's a good tutorial about mapping:

This game has stellar mapping.
I tried it but every time I go from one part of the map to another I can't get back. So when I walk down, I can't go up again. Playing the game this way makes it kind of hard to enjoy it :(
I tried it but every time I go from one part of the map to another I can't get back. So when I walk down, I can't go up again. Playing the game this way makes it kind of hard to enjoy it :(

k sorry I will fix it soon. its more because of the event on map 1. watch out for the new download then
It's pretty bad, mapping wise. I don't know how it made it past Quality checking. You really need to work on the mapping aspects. I recommend trying to remake maps that you find in other games to get a feel for what to do.
When I find a game without a rating that sounds interesting, I try to give it a review so that it can be listed with a rating. As such, I downloaded your game in order to play it and review. Here is the issue, I will not review a game until I've beaten it. Your game is pretty much unplayable. You have a ton of things that need to be fixed and having to fight a monster every 4 steps makes it a very tedious game. Fix it up, re-release it, and let me know. I will then happily review it. If you have question about what to fix or how to go about it ask and I'll do what I can for you.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Yeah this game needs a complete overhaul. Apart from the mapping which has been mentioned a few times by people with much more experience that I in this arena, there are some fairly glaring errors in balance and execution. The encounter rate is set way too low, I'm thinking in must be somewhere in the region of every 10 steps, which is 1/3rd of the default and about 1/6th of what is actually sensible unless you have a reason for it, like you've been told an area is heavily infesting with monsters and you go in anyway, there is no such indication anywhere in this that that is the case.

The basic premise is not a bad one, the idea of a child in an accident retreating into their mind for comfort or living inside it to avoid the trauma of the outside world, but the execution of that idea in this game is not handled with any dexterity or finesse.

Like Hoddmimir above when I find a game that is listed as complete but does not have any reviews I do look to remedy that situation but in the case of this game that is well nigh impossible. I could probably write one based on supposition of where I believe it is going, but that is hardly fair or just so I won't. I will just say to anyone who reads these comments, give this one a miss it simply isn't worth the time to download as it currently stands.
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