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Once every few centuries, a special night arrives: the Dead Moon.
Without fail, creatures from the Netherworld will attempt to travel to the world of the living
to carry out their nefarious plans under the moon's sinister glow.

Morten is one of such dark creatures.
However, the spell teleporting him is tampered with, and his body is torn to pieces, leaving only his head.
Luckily this does not kill him, since he’s a Lich (and basically a talking skeleton).

With only his head and a few tricks, he enlists the help of the tragically naïve nun who finds him and a newly raised zombie warrior to find the lost pieces of his body and his Grimoire, the source of his power, which was, tragically, also lost.

Meet spooky, interesting characters typical of Halloween season, each with their totally different combat style, and fight your way through the four dungeons in this quick, fun romp through haunted settings.

Morten is a lich and a necromancer who came from the Netherworld, but due to a casting accident has become body-less and unable to use the majority of his powers.

Mariah is a gentle, naïve, and rather dense nun. She finds Morten's head and offers her help, carrying Morten's head around.

Robin is an undead warrior risen by Morten in the graveyard to serve as a minion.

Other characters also help and join Morten on his search.

The game is an entry for the Halloween Contest here at RMN. It's meant to be a short, 4-dungeon game with quirky characters and a lighthearted, comedy mood.

Dead Moon Night takes places in the world of Arum.

Latest Blog

Game completed!

So, after a couple of weeks of frenzied, crazied, deadline-looming omg-how-is-it-so-late-already developing stint, the game is finished and tested.

So, please play and leave us your comments! Really, really, please leave us something, even one liners like “I liked it”. We sank an unhealthy amount of time and tension on it.

With the feedback begging out of the way, that’s it! Enjoy the game!
  • Completed
  • Indra
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure
  • 10/30/2012 09:19 PM
  • 11/13/2015 10:47 AM
  • 10/31/2012
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Really enjoyed the game. I was in awe of the mapping and the battles were fun.

The only problem I had with it would be the respawning enemies in maze like dungeons. It's so frustrating trying to find your way around while dealing with a constant stream of battles. Otherwise, a great game.
I would love to more of things like this; a few dialogue issues but I loved it. <3
I really suprised when Mariah finally show her true identity when the game is about to end. :o
But interesting game anyway :)
I didn't care for the ending. I almost wanted to cry for Mariah, actually. She's self centered, bossy, rude, mean, etc., all in her own way. Sure she may not have been mean to the populace, but she used each and every one of the monsters. I hate people like that.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
ahh hello,been quite a while since i came to this site :3
finished this game and enjoyed it.
the characters were cute,i loved the drawings,and the ending :O...ill leave that to the players :3 but i loved it
if i were to say what i disliked... umm
the monsters which you could only do 1 damage too(particularly the scorpions because there was so many) bothered me
but other then that it was a great game

its not hard at all nor is there there much grinding(just fight some extra battles early game to build up supplys)
so if you want a challenge this is not for you(tho really most rpgs are ez if your able to train and gain power/gear)

i found it interesting how you did not use lvling up in the battle system as that's the 1st time ive seen it.

i also enjoyed the comedy in the game

would defiantly try more games made by this developer
full game playthru

How come I never played this cute game? O_O I had so much fun and the characters were hilarious! I need to check out all your games right now! :D
Please do!

In terms of chronology "In Search of Freedom" is next but it's only at the demo stage. The next complete game chronologically (and in terms of dev) is The Grumpy Knight. Have fun!
Okay how do I kill the vampire and do I always stay on level 1
Yeah there's no levelling in this game. The vampire has 2000HP I think, I don't have a copy anymore of the version up for download. He only uses magic attacks, he uses stronger attacks when he is below 40%.

The dominant strategy is to use the Fur Tank mod dropped by the Willowisp in the village. If you didn't get one then I'd maximise mdf and your chosen attack stat. Good luck!
Thank you got through and finished the game - what a hoot!! loved the game's interaction
I know the story is complete and all that, but I loved it so much! I was wondering if you were thinking of either a sequel or a prequel?
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