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Four different characters - Brad, Rinoa, Carter and Seth - find themselves in an abandoned town deep in the woods. They hardly remember how they got there, while looking for a way to get back home. But the more they progress, the more they find out about the supernatural nature of the town. Buildings seem to move, doors disappear and unsettling voices come from the darkness around them. Hunted by bizarre creatures such as zombies, they soon realize that forgotten aspects of their past dictate what happens in the town. And things get worse and more disturbing by the minute.

Dreamland R Final Mix is a German RPG Maker 2000 horror game from 2005, heavily influenced by games such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Forbidden Siren.

Now, 2012, the game is finally available in English as well (thanks to Photek97 for translating!)

The English version contains slight changes in regards to the German version:
  • 4 difficulty levels
    Adjusted textbox design

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Hi, Jedeau.

I downloaded this game several days ago, but got a problem with the intro.

After the chased man was killed in the locked room, the game crashed, and a messesage showing "Cannot open file B ogeba e" popped up. I thought it meant the chipset "Bürogebaüde" and wondered, if the game couldn't open that file and accurately show German letters because my Windows XP is in Chinese. I tried these three ways below, but all failed:

1. used Microsoft AppLocale to start the game in German and English.
2. changed the system language environment to German and restarted the computer, then the game.
3. uninstalled the old rpt2000 and re-installed in German. (I installed Enlish version before)

The game ran well when I skipped the intro. But I'm afraid that the same problem will occur later in the game. I really want to play this game, and don't want to miss the story in the intro, either. Do you (or anyone) know how to fix this? Similar issues often trouble Asian players while we playing games made in different language. But thanks for reading this anyway.
Not gonna lie... this game scared the poop out of me several times. But it was lots of fun to play. c:
Sorry I respond so late, I just came across your comment.
That file you mentioned is the only file that contains mutations in its file name. I've attached a new, bugfixed version where that problem is fixed. I hope you enjoy!

I also noticed that some players had game crashes due to missing graphic files, because the RTP files aren't included in the game. The new bugfixed version also has standard RTP CharSets and Battle Animations, so there should be no game crashes anymore.
Thought I'd put this here, as this fixes the font problem:

Basically fixes the problem where fonts may not display correctly, same problem that Desert Nightmare has.
Thank you Judeau for making such a great game and allowing me to work on an English translation as well as providing a bugfixed version!

Thank you as well to meman887 for posting that link!

I wasn't aware there were missing graphics files and a font problem (I have various RPG Maker patches already installed myself), but if it helps more people to play the game I appreciate that very much!

Finally, thank you as well to all the people who have played the English translation, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did while working with it!

This is definitely one of my favorites, and I hope that my translation is well-written enough to do the game justice!
I love this game so much one of my all time favorits I remember playing back in the Day when it came out in germany on a Screenfun Magizine CD Dreamland R got me into the RPG maker!
I started a let´s play of this wonderfull gem of a game!

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