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A Noble by birth, he was brought up in one of the many Northern cities and attended some of the most prestigious schools. As a young man he got involved in politics and became a favourite among his peers because of his polite manner and willingness to hear people out.
After witnessing first-hand how power corrupts once-great men, he left politics behind and decided to head south, to the country. He eventually found a place where he could rest at ease - a small city-town called Hone - and settled there.
A very righteous man, his manner of speech can make him come across as demeaning, but he will accept anyone who does the right thing and will give people the benefit of the doubt.
Though not powerful, he can use healing magic and do enough damage to enemies to count. He can also bolster the party with his speeches, though they can backfire from time to time.

A veteran of the Orc-Dwarf war, Gunnar is a rather friendly sort and likes to impart wisdom to those who ask of it. He's very reliable, very kind and is willing to do whatever is asked of him, as long as it's within reason.
He has a soft-spot for lovely ladies and will gladly seek out their company, though he is always very polite and never one to act improper.
His attention to detail makes him a wonder at learning new skills, and as a Blue Mage Warrior he can learn some of the more esoteric attacks.

A travelling Red Mage, Mauricio likes to brag to anyone who will listen about his many brave adventures and exploits. A masterful story teller, often people will believe his tales. Whether or not they're true is another question, as he seems far from happy about being drafted into an adventure.
Though a bit of a coward, he can still wield most magic - healing and elemental, both - but is sadly master of none. Indeed, his only real skill seems to be escaping.

A mysterious woman who keeps to herself, she settled in the once-haunted tower in Hone many years ago. When asked why she requires as much room as the tower provides, she answers that she has many experiments, and the sounds that come from the tower at times seems to reflect that.
She has a secretive history with the Dark Mage, Draze, and many other dark denizens. She seems fond of children and small animals, and can often be found experimenting on spells. Said experiments led to her learning to use magic in unexpected ways and she can augment spells with the use of certain gems, giving them a boost in battles.