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  • Kiren
  • Added: 01/01/2013 06:49 AM
  • Last updated: 06/03/2023 10:23 PM


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I like how you gave everybody their own eye colors. I was going to do something like that because of the fact that everyone's eyes were just black lines in the original games. This makes them look more lively and adds to their character. I also have another question, do you plan on having a night/day system?

I added this simply because it isn't always daytime and that always confused me in some rpgs. Also, different things happen at night and day and different monsters may appear as well.
Yeah I want to add nights. Well sort of
Have you tried making castles yet? They are a bit complicated unless you know what they look like. So far the towns remind me a lot of Lufia FOD:) Are all the towns going to be styled this way?
I'm really liking the Dragon Warrior building types. It has a certain charm to it
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