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Buy the game now for only 5$ and receive and Early-Access version of the game that will be updated Bi-Weekly until the full release! Receive the full game and future updates free of charge when it comes out!


Free Bi-Weekly Updates of Content
Know about DLC? Well forget that, Sarcia is a one-time buy game that gets new content that will expand the world and the possibilities the game offers every month free of charge.

A Unique and Mysterious Endless Universe
Explore and Discover a unique and mysterious endless universe with its own story. Sarcia will redefine what you think of Fantasy. Each zone and what you'll find within it is randomly-generated so you'll never live exactly the same thing twice. More possibilities will unlock as the updates are released.

Forge your own Path into the World
Sarcia is not a game that will hold your hand. The whole idea behind the game is that you are thrown, naked into a world with its own rules and its own lore. It is up to you to decide what you will become as you learn what are those rules and lore.

Knowledge is your Lifeblood
Knowledge is what defines what you are able to do within the game's world. As you explore, you will learn new things, new skills, secrets.

Learn the High Melodies of the Orikah
An ancient musical art that can bend reality itself. Learn the secret words and forge your way into the secret places of the world.

Become part of Something
Join a Venha and rise within their ranks. Each of them offer different opportunities and perks. Home, Transportation, Crafting Recipes, access to secret areas of the world.

Explore the ruins of Lost Civilisations (NOT YET IN-GAME)
Explore the ruins of lost civilisations now haunted by the Losha, terrible life-draining creatures. Solve puzzles and discover their story and secrets.

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Pages: 1
Im gonna wait for this. :D looks so badass !
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
you should,however consider putting out a trial demo so people can try before they buy.
Legitimately can't wait to play this.
Hoo wow, this is done in VX Ace? Very very cool, it's pretty as heck :)
extreme disappointment
Welp, how do you even compete with something this pretty. This looks dope.
Hey guys! Thank you for the kind words! Thank you for the featuring in the Pic of the Moment and the Buzzing Games feature also!

Yes this is all made with RPG Maker Vx Ace! :D

I am currently working on a first gameplay trailer that should come out next week with the next update of the game! Hope you'll like it! :)
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Wow this looks beautiful! (*o*)
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