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Promising, but ultimately frustrating.

  • Mewd
  • 06/15/2007 02:27 PM
I liked the premise of this game, no pretense, just a bunch of minigames thrown at you. I always like to see creative use of the RM engine.

The mini-games here, though, lack a certain polish. A great many of them are simply frustrating, particularly the ones where you are trying to evade enemies in tight corridors. The RM control system is not really built for tight maneuvering and it's supremely frustrating to be required to try and keep from touching a dozen or so guards at any one moment when you have barely enough space for comfort.

Eventually you get a dash skill, which allows you to sprint at lightning pace. This would be REALLY useful for these chase sequences if it weren't for the fact that you move far too fast to actually see what you are doing. It's altogether too easy to plow into an enemy and have to start all over completely.

The mini-games seem to focus on quantity over quality. There are some neat ideas on display here, but you have to wade through a lot of mediocrity to get to it.

The graphics are RTP minimalism. Which isn't really a problem, stripping away visual flare allows a designer to focus more on the actual game play, but I can't help but feel a little more time could have spent with the design of each mini game individually to make them more balanced. A lot of levels feel slapped together. A couple of the early levels were more frustratingly hard than a lot of the later ones.

The use of music in the game is alright, but the sound effects are UTTERLY irritating. (Particularly when pushing rocks.)

Though I admit, this game shows some excellent use of the Event Editor considering it is this individual's first game. If they continue learning the Event Editor's functions more intimately, I can see this author dreaming up some stellar stuff.