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It's the 346th Boogaloo festival, and Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser. Who knew he would strike at such an obscure celebration? Super Boogaloo World features over 100 levels and 121 secret super shrimp (collectables) and runs on the program Super Mario Bros. X. The game spans over 8 worlds, as well as a secret Star World. You can play as 5 characters: Mario, Luigi, Toad, Link, and the Boogaloo Princess, Christine.

In order to play, download SMBX, then move the Super Boogaloo World folder into the "worlds" folder in Super Mario Bros. X. The final game also comes with a custom intro screen that can be installed by placing the file in the root of the SMBX folder, outside of the "worlds" folder.

Any feedback on the game is appreciated. Enjoy!

Credit to my friends who have helped in this game, Barr, Quantae, and Tommy.

Latest Blog

Patch for version 4.1

Due to me being anxious to get out 4.1, I forgot to fix some things. They've been fixed in a repair folder that is available in the downloads section.
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