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  • Craze
  • 02/24/2013 06:00 PM

Yes, Dany? You have a question?

Right! Yeah... those. Hmm. We originally promised seven dragons, didn't we...



Okay, so, Chaos/LouisCyphre and I are taking a break from DD in order to let feedback to come in and the judges do their thing. We have plans to do the second arc of the storyline in the future (re: Kazou), however, including a fair amount of script customization, dialogue re-writes, balance changes, etc. Suffice it to say that your save files will be 100% incompatible.

Still, we need the breather from DD, so it won't be RIGHT NOW. And, well, it's already a complete five-hour game.

Enjoy what's there, please! You might think that holding off means you'd get the best experience, but only with feedback can we make the game better. A lot of the feedback has been... different... so we're a little fuzzy on what people would like to see.

Thank you and have fun with life ~ !