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Exactly how you make a jrpg, proof scripts aren't everything

  • Peticks
  • 02/05/2014 09:15 PM
Dragons' Descendants

I must admit, I downloaded dragons descendants with a hint of trepidation. Often I’m disappointed when games are given an oriental spin as they normally mess it up. Couple that with the fact that there are no scripts and I very nearly gave it a miss! However I’m very glad I didn't as this game not only bucks the trend with a really wholesome Japanese feel but is also so engrossing I almost played the whole game in one sitting!

Gameplay in dragons descendants is highly combat orientated. There is a lot less exploration than you get in the majority of RPG games; you advance along a linear storyline with zero optional dungeons. The combat system was also brutal to learn with multiple attacks, percentage based abilities and holy damage to worry about right from the off! After a few dozen battles however I started being able to orientate myself and build a strategy that didn't end up with being brutally slaughtered in early boss fights half the time, though the combat system I still found complex, even after killing the final boss.

Despite this, these potential shortcomings don’t seem to detract from the fact that this is an very enjoyable game to play. Combat is well balanced, especially against bosses who offer a tough challenge but not one that requires you to grind out the levels, something which always takes the kick out of winning a fight.

Here be dragons?!

Here is one of the places dragons Descendants really shines. The story is rich and well textured. The return from a search for redemption leads a wayward son to the discovery of a plot that would throw the land of Rhuho into turmoil and collapse the very foundations of the Yamoto Empire. The story is told magnificently over the course of the game and feels neither rushed nor long winded.
The dialog is plentiful; a thing that I really liked though I’m sure could start to get on other peoples nerves. It’s really something that would come down to personal taste if you think there is too much or a good amount.

There is just one major flaw with the story. It ends unfinished. The game builds you up and up but leaves you with a cliff-hanger. It feels there is so much more to be done, To be resolved. I realise that the game has been planned in a two volume style, so maybe my comments are a little unjust, but this game wet my appetite consistently, then left me feeling unsated, Still wanting to know more!


The Audio throughout this game is exquisite. Each song complements the gameplay superbly and helps to give it the much sort after oriental feel. From music designed to awe you, to the twist in bosses music half way through a fight as the battle truly gets on, the game has been outfitted with songs near perfectly.

The graphics in this game are of a very high standard and used well. There’s really very little more I can say than that!

Conclusion: 4/5

This game is very very well made. However I just don’t feel I can say it is above a 4 as a RPG game. The lack of scripts hindered the fluidity of combat slightly I felt and the fact it feels like the story is unfinished also in my opinion, costs it points. However, the fact that I feel myself caring so much about what happens after the final confrontation of this game, and how its eating me up enough to dock the game points, is that not one of the greatest complements a game can be given?

Final comments:
I would honestly realy like to see a follow up to this... Would be amazing if it happened!


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i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Thanks for the review! Glad you liked this odd romp through Ryūhō.
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