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Even within RMVXAceLite's restrictions and the short development time, I managed to add a simple job system to the game, because I always felt like any kind of character customization is what makes grinding in battles interesting at all.

The Jobs are separate from classes, and the system only works for the main character. The main character has a straight progression of +1 to each stat (attack, defense, etc.) per level, so all his stats are balanced at first. He also doesn't learn any skills naturally.

He can change Jobs anytime talking to the Job Master at the first town. Each time he levels up, he gains one grade in his current Job. It will determine additional stat gains, and skill learning.

As you grade up in Jobs, you unlock additional, more powerful Jobs.

Level up: +2 HP, +1 Attack
Skills: Smash (3), Flurry (6), Swipe (10), Destroy (15)

Level up: +1 MP, +1 Magic Attack
Skills: Thunder (3), Freeze (6), Flame (10), Tornado (15)

Level up: +1 MP, + 1 Magic Defense
Skills: Minor Heal (3), Heal (6), Cure (10), Heal All (15)

PALADIN (requires Fighter 10 and Healer 10)
Level up: +1HP, +1 Defense
Skills: Protect (5), Banish (10)

SHAMAN (requires Sorcerer 10 and Healer 10)
Level up: +1 Magic Attack, +1 Luck
Skills: Boil (5), Pump (10)

DANCER (requires Fighter 10 and Sorcerer 10)
Level up: +2 Agility
Skills: Perform (5), Blind (10)

CHAMPION (requires Paladin 10, Shaman 10 and Dancer 10)
Level up: +2 Attack, +2 Magic Attack
Skills: Armageddon (10)