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Once upon a time in a far, far away land there was a group of heroes who were called to save the world from an evil entity known as the First Evil that name was given after its true name was lost in time.

There were four heroes who defeated such evil their names were Maurice (The Wise), Aron (The Brave), Lilith (The Persuader), Francis(The Agile). After the evil was destroyed it’s ashes created four mystic keys with great power and those heroes used them to make a new and peaceful world, where everyone went to live in. Until Maurice became obsessed with power and stole the four keys for his own use. He then tried to make himself invincible using their endless power, but before he could do that the other three heroes managed to take the keys away from him and placed a curse on all four.
That curse meant that if the keys were ever overused they would disappear, but that also meant that the three heroes would have to sacrifice themselves in order to complete the ritual.

After that Maurice went on a quest to get the keys back and finally make himself invincible. That’s when he found Robert, a criminal who was convicted for stealing precious items from people’s houses and was looking for revenge, but he didn’t have any powers. So he joined Maurice who promised to make him very powerful in exchange for helping him find the four mystical keys.
The two managed to gather the four keys and made themselves invincible, but they didn’t know that the keys would disappear.
After the keys disappeared Maurice and his partner Robert decided to find them again and break the curse.

To stop that from happening people from all over the world gathered to choose four new heroes with the task of finding the keys and stopping the two evil ones.

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