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So here’s the lowdown. After the defeat and death of Hydah 2 years ago peace returned to the world of Esper. Cain and Aclima Abel, Breeze (Breanna) Pueblo, and Yi-Qo just enjoy life normally in what passes for normal in their case. Still not over the death of Qwen by God’s hand Cain decides to try and strike a deal with God to get him revived, similarly Qwen made a deal with God also for the same thing. If Qwen could beat God at Poker and if Cain and Aclima sacrificed their Devil and Angel wings, Qwen would be revived. Qwen being the embodiment of manly awesomeness won at Poker and thus was revived. Not long after Elladale Songs returned after the years to see Cain again, which sparked their relationship again, so she decided to stay (she really does love her boyfriend of a masochist). However, around this time Breeze just finished her latest invention…

In the events of the first game, Breeze was planning to build a dimension transfer device after overhearing Cain talking to Aclima about the possibility of multiple worlds. It took the better part of two years and was kept a secret from the rest of the gang. However, a ‘freak accident’ the whole gang was transferred to an unknown dimension due to Breeze’s machine. Now the 6 are separated in a new and unknown world. What will happen to our seasoned heroes?

We have a Vagabond who is prone to panic attacks, a mentally unstable and impulsive Inventor, a Guardian who loses oneself somewhat when things go wrong when alone, a Doctor who has been newly revived via gambling, an Assassin with severe anger management issues and a Fighter with a mass brother complex lost on a world called LSD… Like this will end well. Plus things are never quite as they seem…

CHARACTERS (That's right, I'm revealing ALL the characters this time!~)

Aged: 18
Gender: Male
This is our Demi-Child protagonist from the first installment. He started with Daggers, made a transition into katana and now dual wields twin blades. Don’t you love it when characters grow? At his age, he is somewhat more mature and adopted some of Yi-Qo more serious qualities over the years, like her seriousness and low patience. He still refers to his close ones with nicknames and has started training to incorporate more of his Devil abilities into fighting. Sacrificing his wings to God to revive Qwen caused him to lose most of his powers, so he has quite a lot of work ahead of him. With a heart of gold and hint of naiveté he still acts like a child every now and again and still hasn’t gotten over his fear of Shin Megami Tensei related material.

Aged: 27
Gender: Female
Over the two years, Breeze probably changed the least. She’s still as over eccentric as usual and still loves to taunt others with her ridiculous banta. However, recently there have been times when Breeze acts strangely mature and her brain processing power goes up by a considerable margin and sees everything from a logistic standpoint. These spells don’t last too long however. During the interlude of the first installment she learned the way of the Amazonian Axe works but still has a preference for her firearms. After Yi-Qo’s cute yet awkward confession the two get engaged and start looking towards the future. Well, more Yi-Qo than Breeze.

Aged: 23
Gender: Female
The now 23 year old angel is now engaged to Breeze and as a result, is able to tolerate Breeze’s antics and shenanigans a whole much better. She is now independent from God and acts as a role model figure for Cain since she still believes it isn’t too late to instil good morals in him. She still uses spears but the years with Cain and co have taken their toll on patience and isn’t as composed as she used to be resulting in occasional dizzy spells and mental instability. Though these are just as rare as Breeze’s spells so it isn’t usually noticeable.

Aged: 20
Gender: Female
Our sadistic dancer from the previous instalment has mellowed quite a bit over the last few years and has more control over her anger. However, this doesn’t stop her foul mouth and anti-mild mannerisms. Due to her nature she still prefers to use whips as her weapon and fetish tool due to her sadism. She quit dancing a year after Hydah’s death and focused more on her magic skills and visited her father to get learn more about her late mother who was a Fairy. Ever since then she’s missed being with Cain and finds him so they can be together again after the revelation about her mother, though she’s too stubborn to ever talk about her family.

Aged: 50
Gender: Male
Here he is; the man of men, the veteran combat medic soldier. The newly revived Qwen after winning in the risky game of chance becomes pretty much a father figure for Cain and continues to be his mentor in the ways of being a man and a soldier. Despite being older, Qwen has become a lot more durable and stronger so it seems Heaven has its perks. He still uses large broad swords to fight and enjoys imparting the others with his knowledge while teasing them as well. Like Cain, he also uses nicknames to refer to each of the women.

Aged: 18
Gender: Female
Often referred to as ‘cute’ by everyone but Cain, Aclima has a rather odd brother complex that she managed to hide pretty well. By nature she has always been quite hostile but is usually able to act in an agreeable manner, though she has a habit to try out weird things that even get Breeze questioning her mental state. Due to her brother complex she feels uncomfortable around Elladale and enjoys it when bad things befall her. She switched from dual claws to hammers and maces to help harness and train her high magic potency. Like Cain, she gets along well with Qwen and has become somewhat tame over the years.

Aged: 21
Gender: Female
This is the crazy nut case from the first game, with powers capableof possesing even Satan. She is still hopelessly in love with Cain and still wants to take him from Elladale. She no longer wields her gigantic flame axe, but instead uses daggers. Hydah's mind has never been stable and therefore is somewhat bipolar and switches between happy-go-lucky to axe-crazy madman (Wow, we have a yandere!). She makes an earnest effort to get along with Cain and strangely gets on well with Aclima. She has an odd liking for mushrooms as well to the surpise of even Breeze and is surprising naive and slow.

Aged: ??
Gender: Male
This cool little fellow is the Speedman and Magic Mushroom who helps out Cain and co during their journey. He gives hints on certains areas and gives a general view on the monsters in said area. He's a cool dude and tends to put slang and slurs in his speech like a 70s guy. He generally gets along with everyone but feels uncomfortable around Elladale since he has a slight fear of sadistic people. Battle-wise he generally doesn't do much except pair up with Cain for a strong attack.

Aged: 27
Gender: Male
As the name implies, this man is simply insane. He is this game's recurring boss and has a habit of referring to bad anime and claims to be an agent of Canada which straight away puts him on Breeze's "To Kill List". He comes off quirky and more random than Breeze and uses Fists in battle combined with magic. His relevance in the story is rather large but he is far from the mastermaind... Or is he?

Aged: 31
Gender: Male
This is the self-proclaimed Overlord of the southern hemisphere of LSD. He is all commanding and has nothing but pride and a ridiculously large ego. He believes himself to be the perfect being and is currently trying to control the world by gathering a legion together to overthrow the Kingdom of Cigaar. Overlord Ganja has little to no patience and has fondness towards very little people. He antagonizes Cain and co on multiple occasions.

Aged: 25
Gender: Male
From the surname, he is Judaped's younger, less insane brother. He is often seen in a sticky situation and isn't really too bright and is searching for his brother to stop his "evil plans" although Jailey himself doesn't know what these plans are. He is something of a crafter and occassionally puts together insane items for the party to use occasionally (Shurikan, Nokia phones, syringes, etc.). Despite his daftness he is a fun guy to be around and is allergic to fairies.

Aged: 21
Gender: Female
This is Yi-Qo's darker alter-ego that is born from the influence LSD has begun to have over Yi-Qo (One of the many negative effects staying on LSD has on non-indegenous residents.) Blue Heaven is a much more playful, sultry and wilder version of Yi-Qo, as well as being highly unstable mentally. She loves to play mind games and tease Breeze to Yi-Qo's displeasure, as well as teach Cain and Aclima "fallen" techniques. She believes to be reflect Yi-Qo's "true-self" and debates which one should be more persona.

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Just found this. Pretty excited to see what comes.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Another game, looks like it was going to be a good one.....

NOW DEAD ????? :(
The game isn't dead, just taking longer than expected. I should probably update this every once in awhile though...
Just letting you know that this project is still in production~
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