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Want your game ported to other platforms?

In order to steer the development of Metis, Project BC is interested in partnering with devs who meet the following qualifications:
* Have finished or will soon finish a game
* Have the rights to use all assets in their game (or have the ability to replace all assets with originals)
* Are willing and have the rights to commercially distribute their game

If you're interested, hit me up with a PM with a link to your game's profile and website and I'll take a look. If it's what we're looking for, I'll let you know.

This is part of a long-term project to make Metis more mature and expand the reach of the community to outside of just RMN. We've got some brilliant and creative people here and it would be a shame to see their creations confined completely to RM.

The biggest limitation here is the RTP, since its license doesn't permit use on other platforms. If you use the RTP or RTP edits, you'll need to be able to replace it.
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