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The download should be working just fine. :)


Broken download?

So apparently there's been an issue with downloads only getting the music folder. I'm going to try to sort this out but my computer is being hellishly slow tonight. I'll be trying.


Complete Walkthrough for "Florence"

Some people keep getting stuck, so I decided to write this out.

Story isn't spoiled.
In her room: her flute is on the bed. press enter/space to interact.
After talking to Scotty: talk to everyone in the auditorium.
Attempt to go through the door to the right of the stage. It will be locked.
Talk to Scotty. Say the door is locked. He'll ask you to find it.
Talk to the girls by the piano. Go around her and click on the back of the piano to find the key.
Open the storage room. Get the four white shirts and the rope.
The rope will be too short. Don't worry about it for now.
The guys who need the shirts need one red, one blue, one white, and one green.
Go down and out of the auditorium. Encounter with Lucille and Annie.
Go down to the main lobby. Choose the bottom hallway.
Go into the science room. Second down on the left.
Talk to the girl. She will dye the shirts for you. Choose any dye.
Bullies show up, take away the dyes.
Find the dyes: yellow is in the plant on the right in the English room, red is in a cabinet in the kitchen, blue is under a blue blanket. The green dye won't be found.
Go back to the girl in the science room. She'll dye the shirts for you.
Bring the shirts back to the guys in the auditorium.
Go to your room (far upper left). Pick up the note AND rose.
Go the auditorium. Talk to everyone in the room. ***
Go to Ted's room (far upper right).
Click on his journal.
Open the computer with the four numbers in the journal.
Go out of the room. You'll have an encounter with your dad.
Announcement will go off to report to the stadium. You'll remember you need rope.
Go to Lucille's room one last time. She'll come out and lock the door behind her.
Don't worry about the rope for now. Go to the auditorium.
Go backstage (door to the left of the stage).
Scene will play.
In the auditorium after the show, you can talk to all the characters. Talk to Lucille last (just so you have a chance to talk to the rest). Conversation will happen, game over. :)


Thank you!

I'm so happy any of you have been interested in this game, and 68 downloads so far feels like a good accomplishment to me. n____n

If any of you have completed the game, please let me know your thoughts. If you are interested, leaving a comment would be lovely so I get some feedback at all.

If any of you are stuck, let me know at what part, because a few people have mentioned not being able to find the storage room, so if I didn't make it obvious enough, I might post an update to fix that a bit.

Again, thanks for any interest at all. If you have any suggestions or questions, just leave a comment. If you have any constructive criticism, I am definitely open to hearing it. :)


Grand Opening!

Hey guys. Finally finished a game after all these years. No one has played it but me, so please let me know what you think, what I could improve on next time, any errors or problems that come up, etc. Also, I have no idea how long it takes to play. After you play through every second of every scene a million times each, you lose any sense of freshness. So if you play all the way through, let me know how long it took of actual gameplay.

Also, let me know if the story pacing was too fast/slow or just bad.

If too many people get stuck, I might make adjustments and more hints in-game.
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