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Mixing historical facts and fantasy you take on the role of the young Emperor Caligula when he first becomes Emperor. The game centers around the the events of his rule in a wonder RPG world filled with places to explore and enemies to fight. All the main story events are a matter of historical fact in a effort to both entertain and inform. The gameplay itself is pretty basic but the battle system is Victor Saints map battle system which is amazing and much better then the default.
BrettUltimus did one map as well.

The game also features many voice overs for the main characters for the main story events. All the main cast is done in custom sprite work and custom game art which really makes the game stand out from the rest. The soundtrack is very nice as well coming from the RPG community. The game was one of our biggest Kickstarter successes and is now being sold on Desura and Itch.io

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Better video!

The youtube video we posted was old, we made a new video that better shows off the game. I am VERY surprised we have so many views on this game, then again most people don't have custom work in their games.

With over 4k views on "Kingdom Caligula" I am happy, and also disappointed, even even half that number would have actually voted yes or no for the game we would already been on Steam lol. So I am glad I took down that demo...
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