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Nusakana's Random Blog Illustrations #1

  • wltr3565
  • 01/31/2014 01:09 PM

numfanklhewat (the game's artist) always reserve his time for making some random illustrations for several blog posts.

I'll put this away if he doesn't like it.


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This is really cool.

Hi Clareain! we have met a couple time in RPG Maker Web but fancy meeting you here! Thank you very much!

Oh God why.. This is supposedly a random drawing I made for painting style practice and a filler image for devblog article post, parodying Free Willy movie poster. Is it really okay to put it here though?
Easy: as I said above, if you don't like it, I'll remove it in a jiffy. I do see it does more good than harm, though!
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