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Be aware that some elements of the game are somewhat violent.


The game is about groups of “special” students: The inquisitive, the mysterious, and the insane. Among them, there is one particular student who seems to be very interested in the school’s secrets. One by one, the forbidden knowledge unveils before his curiosity. But...
"When you know something, you will have to exchange something for it..."


"In this game, screenshots don't say anything."
The game has 7 chapters and 5 endings. But I'm pretty sure 50% people can't play chapter 7 and fall down to first ending - The WORST. Not because it's hard to play, it's hard to get. And make sure: You are in a dark room, alone, "max" volume. And remember...Don't just play, look around, or you can't get to Chapter 7. If you're lucky, you won't have to see anything "creepy". And one more thing, remember the numbers.

Greater Good 45 | Blurry Mind | Neku Sakuraba

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Thank you guys for 50 subscribes :)
Game will be release in this week :D (sorry if my English is bad ^^)
Will the whole game be released this weekend or a demo?
Will the whole game be released this weekend or a demo?

Whole game of course ;)
Will this game be similar to other Rpg Maker horror games, like The Witches House and The Mad Father?
Will this game be similar to other Rpg Maker horror games, like The Witches House and The Mad Father?

I don't know :D
Just wait until it release and play it ;) Then you will know :P
he he
Does this game contain battles? And does it have screamers?
Does this game contain battles? And does it have screamers?

Yes. It contains battlers :D (But you will know it's not.....)
And yes, It has screamers too.
...I like games where you're defenseless and screamers are too jumpscary for me...

(Battles breaks the suspence for me and screamers just give me heart-attacks)

But I will play this any way because it looks too epic to miss!
Err. I thought there weren't going to be any jump scares though? Screamers kinda count as those lol. It's still fine though.
I checked this guy's page, this is first game! This may be a project that is a little too big for a first timer (But I beat all when it comes to newbie-ness) So I'll support this project to the fullest and I am just itching to play it!
I checked this guy's page, this is first game! This may be a project that is a little too big for a first timer (But I beat all when it comes to newbie-ness) So I'll support this project to the fullest and I am just itching to play it!

Nah~ This is not my first game :))
Just the first game I post to RMN.
And like I said. This game is not having jumpscares (like you're walking and a bloody face show up...). Be ready for the mysteries. (sorry if my English are bad :D)
I just want to yell "HURRY UP AND FINISH THIS GAME SO I CAN SCARE THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME!" But I'm not the guy who says that sort of thing so... Take your time, we don't want the gameplay getting rough because we made you rush.
Seems very awesome, I will get it for sure when it's done.
If you had to guess, how much of this custom made? Just asking. :D
Pink, the color of Liberty.
To celebrate this games release (when it does happen), i'm going to play it at midnight. Thats how most horror games should be played, at the creepiest hour. (If midnight isn't the creepiest hour then please correct me.)
I just started playing this and I'm writing as I go. So far...

Chapter 1: Thirteen Steps

> The intro is way too abrupt.
> The game's dialogue is eh? You wicked? Should've added something like "You wicked-!" or "That bitch" probably would've been better.
> The footsteps SE is too much on the left side.
> This school's corridor is just way too wide.

> The narration over the girl's scream and after that was just terrible/jarring. I think this should've been just conveyed through the character's thoughts and actions at that time.

> "I'm safe now!" not I'm save now.

> I don't understand the door thing.
> The dialogue isn't making any sense.
> The rat jumpscare was loltastic than scary. You should get this school corridor much more designed and like I said before, tightened so you can add a lot more props that can do the scare thing much better.
> Why can I go back right at the entrance and not escape through there?
> The transition graphic is too slow and boring.

> The Stairway is just way too huge :/
The counting makes it even more unbelievable.

Chapter 2: The Music Room

> The What is with that random title insert? It was just way too abrupt.
> I can't pick up sparkly thing.
> The writing of this game :x
> As someone who watched Another for 12323213x and Played Higurashi, using their OST isn't helping with your game ;~;
> This scary scene with that guy? Isn't that scary at all since right now none of it makes sense and the narration puts you at a dissonance between the theme.
> "why did he getting insane when he saw the girl" - you need a proofreader.

Chapter 3: Biology Lab

> The way taht wine bottle jumped was lol :x
> Chapter 3's beginning is already bombarded with Engrish.
> The way the artwork just pops in is BAD. Why not just make them the the chapter titles?
> The lightswitch sound effects sounds like a door knob.
> This slow walk speed when getting the knife is a bit eh.
> The whole lighting makes it hard to move and fight the dude.
> That was an abrupt kill.
> The guy's sideview animation has a jumpy hair.
> The mapping is so bare...
> How in the world did he just survive a gas explosion that managed to destroy the walls and throw him outside?
> The blood trail on the wall fucks up the perspective.
> The darkness outside is too much.
> Not sure what to feel about this random killing. It doesn't feel like a horror game when i'm doing stuff like these and having unrealistic game health.
> Wtf was that random bad end, that scene doesn't make sense at all.
> It's supposed to be a knife but a book fell instead? I mean I get its relations to the first 2 chapters but wut.

Chapter 4: The Library

> The curse wasn't even dictated at the beginning, what IS it? <_<;
> He sounds like rummaging through a cabinet than a bookshelf.
> man everything is handheld with this game because of the lights
> Teleported at the wrong position once you're out of the library. He looks like he came from wall.
> A stack of paper falls off the painting. Way to state the obvious, Capt. Obvious XD
> Where in the world did he hide?
> so in short...everyone died because some dude went treasure hunting and their paranoia was their death? lol
> Sudden BGS.
> The way these flowers are aligned O_o
> The map doesn't make any sense positions wise.
> The text on the floor is eh..
> The big empty corridors makes exploration a chore especially with this walk speed.

Chapter 5: Good Morning

> Another OST's omg.
> The entire thing about the diary just doesn't make sense. I get that the transfer student caused all the deaths but it's like trying to be poetic for the sake of being poetic.

Chapter 6: The End...?
> Lol you'd think something scary happens but then the girl disappears and you leisurely grab the treasures :X
> this insanely slow walk speed is getting irritating :/
> Just use the fucking first aid there.
> Safe place is a place where a ghost first appeared and then opening for no reason???
> Tuan and Sang barely has differences and I can't tell which is which for a while.
> SO they're not illusions...but haunted ones.............What?
> You need a better bell sound effect for class change instead of something banging the wall or floor or something. That didn't made sense.
> Poor Tuan just got sparta'd
> Bad End, what. I wasn't aware I was solving a mystery.
> The pen just disappeared from my inventory.
Thanks for your comment, Nessiah ^^
I'll fix it right now.
But I think you haven't get in to chap 7 yet, right?
Chap 7 is the key to you understand whole game
(sorry if my English has mistakes)
Well I found out Ch7.

> The reference about the horse and the girl is just a red herring??
> This one piece of paper was HARD to see because of what I said about the red lighting before. And the fact that paintings fall over the place as you proceed to the library makes you want to disregard them after a while as cheap jumpscares.
> I understand his story as something is HALLUCINATORY and that a new transfer student is involved and I know they killed the girl but they never stated exactly the reasons. Why did they kill the girl?
> The Curse's origins were never elaborated nor explained what EXACTLY the curse is. Unless you mean the girl who is haunting everyone is the curse which wouldn't make sense since she was killed first to STOP the curse?
> The Engrish makes it hard to understand what exactly is going on.
> Instead of countermeasures they're called "Secret Keepers"
> That was the most abrupt true ending I have ever seen, why wasn't the curse stopped there now that everyone's demise was brought to light? How is this different from Happy Ending aside from killing the dude with a pen? What is this thing about Salvation that he was talking about? :s