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Guys, i'm making a new game

Hi everyone, i'm Lee Sang, the creator of Seven Mysteries. I want to announce you that i'm making a new RPG horror game called "Angel Key". The game will have some details related to Seven Mysteries (it explains what happened to the school, to the girl named Thuy, etc). So here's it, please take a look if you interested :)

► RMN page: http://rpgmaker.net/games/7880/

► Trailer:

► Angel Key's story:
Angel, who lives by himself, has obsession with solitude. He has no goals or purpose ahead of him and lacks that what an average human has. As time flows on changing everything, it seems to leave Angel alone until all the people in his small town mysteriously disappear. Even though he likes the silence and emptiness this brings, Angel knows he will be the one to set things right.