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Nice game overall

  • Laber
  • 04/20/2014 12:43 PM

Let's get this stuff started. The story of Seven Mysteries tells about students that are kind of "special". There are two guys talking to eachother who narrate about the happenings in this school. They explain the gruesome deaths of the students we are going to play in the game. Just like when you sit together at a bonfire and tell ghost stories... only that the stuff they tell here is real.


The gameplay was the usual, except for the part with Loi where you took that knife and swung it around shredding people like they were a piece of paper. Having items to protect myself usually gives me a sense of security, but this time it was the other way around. I had the "oh crap" feeling, because I had a HP bar and I discovered that if you lost half of your HP at the first opponent and saved right after that (which happened to me) you'd be done for after meeting the others. So yeah, this ruined it a little. I also think that the death scenes with the blood and bodies were hilarious, thumbs up for that. Another thing is, every usable item would somewhat radiate as in "Hey I'm here! you have to pick me next!" , which would make it kind of too easy for the player. The narrators also added to it while explaining everything you had to do. But it is mainly focused on gore and jumscares so I played it with joy!


'Scuse me? were there any puzzles for which you did not get a clear explanation on what to do? It was a piece of cake in this aspect. This game is very interesting on the storytelling and atmosphere setting, but it didn't have any memorable puzzles that were worth mentioning in my opinion.

Visuals - Music

Visual wise I would describe it as one of the common rpgmaker games which made use of the tiles and sprites this engine offers. As far as I played it, I didn't see custom made maps, but you can see that they put effort on making the game with what they had and the menu looked different.
As for the music, it added positively to the atmosphere and wasn't too overpowering. But I have to say that the sound effects when you saved and when you clicked the menu were a bit annoying. Still, it passes these aspects too.


Every character had his own story and perspective, that is what made this game so unique. I loved that it showed why for example My fell of the roof, why Loi laughed insanely, why Sang found a destroyed window, why Tuan had to go through what he had to. The characters are unique in their own ways and make the story more valuable and realistic.

Overall impression

Seven mysteries is one of those games you'd love to play on a rainy saturday night with headphones on, just to crap yourself from the sudden scares. It has a nice story (even though I got the bad ending), creepy atmosphere, okay visuals, but sometimes you feel incompetent due to the lack of exploration it offers. All in all it left a good impression on me, so horror fans should give it a go.


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I wonder why I didn't receive a Notice about this review on RMN. 0-0
And btw, thank you so much for the review, Laber. I appreciate that a lot.
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