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This game is a bit... different from my last game. It's not a super-mega-epic game. Instead, each episode is basically a bite-sized (although if I feel ambitious with one, I'm okay with making it much longer) mission. There are no grand villains, no massive sidequests, no heroic heroes, no treasure chests, or any of the other crap that gums up general storytelling. It's somewhere between an RPG and a visual novel, since the gameplay is secondary to choices made. Basically, I wanted a good clean story, and wanted to dispense with most of the extra padding.

The basic plot is sort of a cross between Tales From The Darkside and Shinigami no Ballad, a series of short stories centered around beings called Reapers. These beings personify segments of reality, and oversee the background of human affairs. When things go wrong, these Reapers come and try to fix things.

-Working Weather/Time System
-A Game Clock
-Reapers don't possess the ability to talk to other people, and aren't seen, don't carry money, so I organized the interactions with NPCs around these differences.
-A Chapter System, that advances to the next story when you're done with the last.

Update: Redid the text, which I think was grey and unreadable, and the source of the rejection.

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Yay, it's done!

I have some edit work to do, but overall this game seems complete. I'll probably finish the editing tonight, and see if I can't playtest it before I invite people to review.
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Yayyyy!!! Time to doublecheck my latest update, with better text.

Don't everyone download yet, it'll be up like tomorrow.
so like

what's with the slightly squashed picture of the dewey-eyed anime catgirl
Because she's cute.

And the game's about cute grim reapers.

What other reason do I need?
you're the same guy who included menstruation mechanics in his other game, so I don't think I'll dig any deeper

there's no happy ending for you
You the practice of self-promotion
bulma, I think it's time for you to send one of your cute grim reapers to pay a visit to mawk ...
Bleh, it's taking forever to finish chapter two.

Mawk is already being visited by three spirits. I don't think I need any more.

i don't know what to do here theirs no hint or Walkthroughs >.>
Push the boulders away using the action key. Notice that one boulder that looks like it's on top of a staircase? It is.
Dammit, why didn't anyone tell me the opening screen wasn't working because I hadn't updated the facesets? I like criticism, as long as it points out stuff I can work on.
I can't actually read anything :(. The text is too jumbled (I don't know what font I should have set up for this game)
Show me your screen (PrintScreen then paste to Paint) and I'll tell you the problem.
I'm a little confused why you feel the need to play that video every time I start the game. Is there a way to skip it? Because when there's an option to pick 'no' within the first 3 minutes of the game that literally closes the game, the desire to start the game again knowing that I have to sit through that video is pretty much zero.
Oh. That video should stop once you save (it's based off the unsaved status). That being said, either there's some bug, or one of my patches is interfering, because at my end I don't see lsd save files. I'm not getting any video at my end tho, because I have a save file.
I never got far enough to save. I was in the introduction bit where the character asks... I forget the exact question, but I picked "no" to be a sassy jerk and it kicked me right from the game.

I guess that's good to know that it will skip the video for people who get far enough to save though.
Well, maybe, maybe not. I'm currently having an issue with that exact part. Since it's saving internally for some reason, it's not leaving a lsd file. No lsd file means save_detector can't work, and I get essentially video every time. Until/unless someone can help, I'm moving the file to the introduction so you can load the game without seeing that every time.


Okay, so ummm... I've decided to get rid of DynRPG on this game. Why, you ask? Because I realized I was fed up with trying to do turn-based, and having it fail for certain status effects. I loaded Cherry's patch for turn-based, and got rid of my DynRPG patch. The system now runs without a hitch, although all the old plugins no longer function. That said, all the patches seem to work just fine, especially RPS+. Which is great news, because this is the heart and soul of my battle system. I switched the pictures displayed (no more PicsInBattle thanks to the fact that pics in battle is an hpa). So, yea, different system next time I update.

Update: So, some weird bug ate my files, reverting them to a previous copy. It looks like I'm back to 2 of 4 files. Yayyyy. I could use some help. Please....
It's basically done. Lemme know if anything serious is wrong.
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