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Perhaps looking for teammates?

Hello, subscribers and random stumblers! I just wanted to pop back and touch base with everyone. I had hoped to have a decently made Chapter One by the time school started for me (I'm going back to school to work on my 2nd Master's degree... what's wrong with me!), but as you might have picked up from my previous blog, I went kinda apeshit with how I was making the game. I felt like I was running it into the ground with no hope for redemption. So I crammed it into an EXE and sent it on its way as a "demo" file. A little half-assedly, I might add.

Well, it turns out that some of you think it doesn't suck! Which is great. It has its flaws, yes. Some irl friends couldn't get past the beginning. Too much dialogue, not enough spell-casting. And of course, there were continuity errors, item issues, questionable decisions, and odd characters. But - overall - it didn't suck. Hooray.

But here's the thing: school is starting and (here's what you'll hate me for) I started development on a new project.

Don't freak out! This new game is a short, concise, casual project. I've storyboarded the whole thing out - there are 4 party members max, 3~5 boss fights (depending on how things go), 4 main villages with a basic forest/cave/mountain in between... What I'm trying to say is that it's not the big project that was Storms of April.

Storms of April, by the way, was my first project in RPG Maker. Like, seriously "Project3" in my folders, with Project 1 and 2 being me messing around with events, the RTP, scripts, etc. trying to learn. I thought I could handle the large magnitude that is Storms. Which is fairly large, by the way. After she finishes this Rain chapter, it'll be Snow - then Wind - then... well, spoilers. A lot of places, a lot of things to do. That's my fault. I was dumb when I first started RPG Maker. After lurking in the community's shadow, I realize that now.

But I'm not giving up on it. It's a decent story, and it's got a good skeletal framework for now. I started it in 2013, dropped it due to real life, then picked it up again earlier this year. It's my baby. I don't think I'll ever "cancel" it.

So here's what I'm thinking: Open up this project to a whole team of people who are just as excited about this story as I am. I have the the spells, the weapons, armors, and items all databased up til level 20. And while the storyboarding is more or less fleshed out, I see its flaws - and I am more than willing to discuss changes with a team. Not only story changes, but changes in mechanics as well. I'm open. I don't want a project with this magnitude to be doomed to be worked on by only one person. I think that's where the issue lies.

What do you think? Open up this project to a team? Or sit on it for a little while longer?


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definitely open it up to a team, you could really use the help with this game to make this the badass game it is, just pay attention to what people say about it and adjust the game to make it glitch free with awesome story and gameplay, personally think this gameplay is awesome, never seen it before so not sure whether it was inspired by another game you played or made it up, but yeah, take this game, get some help, turn it into a masterpiece, profit, watch as you now live in a mansion with your fans begging you to make a sequel or something........... ok maybe not something of that magnitude but i'm sure things will turn out awesome
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