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Heya everyone,

I'm Zeero, and I've been working on this project for 4 years now, with shorter-longer breaks. To be honest it's still in the 'demo' phase, because I had problems with my Battle System (BS), and I lost my motivation. I wrote this game on (virtual) pages: the world, characters, story, and all other details are explained, and they're just waiting to be scripted. Also I'd like to mention that I'm Hungarian, so my English might fail me at some cases.

The DEMO version will show the community the early stage of my battle system, the whole menu system, and basically the whole game, every aspect of it. After I'm finished with the system, it will be easy to create the whole game; that's why I'm posting this right now.

Now on to the game:

Since I don't want to spoil the story of the main game, I'll go with the demo's story.

It is actually a little 'sidequest series' of the main game, which you don't necessarily need to do in order to finish the game, but in the demo, you have to. There are a landlord, who's mortifying the farmers, who are renting his houses, and there are these farmers, who just don't have enough money to pay the rent. That's when you come in, since you need the money, and for whatever other reasons, you want to help either side.

The world:
The world's name is Ageunda, lived by classic fantasy creatures, humans, dark elves (not the D&D ones, which live separated from people), wood elves, dwarfs, and some mysterious creatures called Nords, whom noone knows about (spoiler, doh), in a classic fantasy world.
In Ageunda, there are two Human kingdoms that fight each other - mainly cause of terrain.
Wood elves live separately, mainly because they cannot stand humans.
Dark elves are freelancers, their superior strength and agility compared to humans are great advantage when it comes to work, or any kind of snuggling. They mostly do the last one. They live spread across the world, mainly on human territory.
Dwarves live in caves, and they couldn't care less about the world.
Nords-- well they are the Nords.
(Of course the races are more detailed, but none of them are in the demo basically).
In the world of Ageunda magic is completely forbidden. Noone knows where magic came from (well, I do), all they know that it can destroy villages or forests in a blink of an eye - therefore both humans and elves made an agreement, that magic is forbidden, and whoever uses it, shall be killed immediately. Of course there are magicians in the game, but they are hiding, or they just merge with the crowd.
Of course, there are many monsters on the world, and surprise, noone knows why (I do, of course).
That pretty much covers the world I guess.

Characters (main ones)

Derran Denworath - Main character (YOU), he's a fine swordsman, learnt it all from his best childhood friend, Filrian's father. His parents are simple people, both are working in the city of Isye where they live. When needed, he departed with the Army because of the pushing of Filrian, but ironically, they got separated immediately.

Sloan Schyte - A fine wizard, looks like he's in his 20s, but in fact, noone knows how old is he. So far he avoided using magic in public, and those actually saw him, now are dead, or wish to be dead. He doesn't talk often, but when he does, you better pay attention.

Only these two are in the demo, sorry guys.

Now onto my ideas:
- I grabbed the RM2003 BattleSystem (BS), and threw it out to the bin. I just didn't like it because of many reasons. I wrote (well, still writing) a new one, which is basically almost look like the same, but it isn't, really.

- 3 member party
- Active Bs (pretty much like in final fantasy's) with gauge
- A way to cast almost every spell to ALL (just like in final fantasy 5 - if you cast spell to all, the damage itself will be divided as well)
- Terrain/Weather modifications: For example if it's raining, Thunder based spells damage more, while fire based spells damage less.
- Day/Night modifications: If it's darker, then heroes without seeing in the dark ability get aim penalty
- Changing party members in battle, like in FF10 (still not done yet, not sure if i implement this though).
- Status effects, such as bleeding, paralyzed, poisoned etc.

Menu System:
I wrote a new one, took out mainly all the options of the basic one. While I couldn't really took it out completely because I need the item management section (once i wrote a new one, trust me, its a pain), I tried to implement it into the game.
It has got custom stats, quest log, level up screen.

So now we got the 4 base stats from RM:
Attack - The weapon's attack, never changes, only weapon can change it.
Defence - Same, but with armors
Knowledge - Like attack, but with magical weapons, books, rods, wands etc.
Speed - Depends on the weight of your equipment, hero's gauge loads faster

My own stats:
Strength - strengthen of your punches
Vitality - Some hp, and def
Intellect - some sp, strengthens your magical attack
Agility - makes your hero's gauge load faster, and also makes your hero harder to hit
Dexterity - gives you aim

- caterpillar (i dont know if i should use it though, because if I do the char swapping thing in the BS, it would seem awkward, that only 2 heroes follow you, but you still can swap in battle).
- day/night changing, with hour
- custom BS
- custom MS
- random weather
- some hostile monster will attack on sight
.. and that's all I think.

Now I'd like to know your opinion about all this, because I spent darn too much time with it, and I want to finish, but if noone interested, then I just won't.

Thanks for reading,

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The CBS is nice.
That remind me on The Legend of Philoshoper Stone
I am waiting the demo
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