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Mandar, a young boy from a small village, is about to become an adult. As it is the tradition, the young boy must venture into the deepest section of the ruins to the west and commune with the Crystal of Fate. In his quest for the status of manhood, he is joined by his elder sister, Meribia, and Muthur, his mentor and friend, and Meribia's half-brother. What none of them would know, is that Muthur's travels into the ruins were the first step of a grandiose future, a future in distant lands filled with adventure - a future that may never come to pass.

Using community resources and lightly edited RTP assets, the game shows how basic genre conventions of the JRPG work in practice. Although the battle and menu systems have been purposefully left mostly unmodified, the game uses a variable points system with branching conversations that allow the player to build a character that is curious, assertive, lazy, apathetic, friendly, angry, or any combination of the above mentioned qualities. The player's answers may open new dialogues with NPC characters and change how Muthur's legacy is recorded at the end of his travels.

Even though the game is episodic, it is also a self-contained game with a clear start and ending. Future episodes focus on characters met in this first volume.

I am currently working on replacing the character sprites, changing the audio, adding better visuals, and incorporating an updated battle system. The update should be out by December 20th.

I will also address a small dialogue bug pointed out to make quest-giving characters acknowledge that you have already completed the requirements of the quests they would have given, and - if time allows it - I will add a new dungeon.

*Note - This game works without the need to install the Enterbrain RTP, but installing said software optimizes game runtime.

(This game is not related to Kentona's fantastic game by the same name, which I only just learned existed.)

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The lady who will will reward you for ten basilisks....wont. No matter how many you kill.
In Alyssia, is that NPC REALLY going to maybe tell me a secret?
The NPC wanted 10 of something killed for a reward but I missed what they were and all he says now is have I killed them.
What am I supposed to be doing in Alyssia? The guards wont let me in the castle because I have no business there...the ones farther in, not the ones at the outer gate after helping to kill the bridge trolls.
The "it's a secret" NPC does tell you a secret only after you get the eye-patch / necklace from the forest if you have completed all the other kill-quests and before you set out on the boat. The secret is that he likes someone. The guards from the castle will only let you in after you talk to the Dockmaster (westernmost section of the town) and he asks you to get his mystical eye-patch from the forest. To get into the forest (two guards are blocking the way just outside of Alyssia) you need to talk to the Queen - that's the only moment when you can go into the castle (I took that trope from the PSP Growlanser). The "Kill 10" NPC, if it's the one on the main tavern first town, it wants Hellhounds killed. If it's the one in Alyssia, it's goblins.

As for the rewards, I will go back and check on the Basilisk lady, but just as a head's up I made it so that NPCs (and PCs) did certain things based on the order you did things and on the answers you give to people. For example, if you were impolite with everyone you talked to, and you finish the Dog quest, the dog leaves your party. If you kill off the quest monsters before getting a quest, the NPCs won't reward you, as they heard that someone did what they were going to ask you to do (the rumors travel ahead of you).

Anyway, I will go back and make sure that these aren't things that I overlooked. Thanks for the feedback!
I have killed ALL the monsters in the forest already. I still can't find the lucky eye patch. Am I supposed to do something? I am just running the loops now.
Hello Samji,
If you look carefully in each screen, you will notice that near one of the four possible exits on each screen there is a tiny plant. You need to look carefully. Just go through that exit and after a few screens you will get to the eyepatch. If you take the wrong exit, it either takes you to the same screen or back to the beginning (think Lost Woods in the original Zelda).

Spoliers (if you don't want to do the looking) - scroll over the text below
When you enter the forest, go south (the only possible way)
Then, go: west, south, east,north.

Spoilers end
....Wait. Generica? Like, kentona's games? Is this a spiritual successor, or does it just happen to have the same title?
I think it's the latter. In which case, that's a bit of an awkward coincidence. Just so you know, Quijano, there is another popular game on this site named Generica. Not that it's disallowed or anything, but just letting you know in case people keep mentioning it and you don't know why.
Oh I wasn't aware of that other title by the same name. I'll put up a disclaimer. Thanks for the head's up.
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