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Keefe.The Order of the Blades' trusted soldier.Although he is not the best,he still tries to fight,whether he cannot handle the fight.It starts in a rainy day.Where 2 of the soldiers of Karib.Tries to protect it form the Sabaraian soldiers.An intense fight came,but then when hope was almost lost Keefe came to try to remedy the situation.After the battle,he heard about the new soldier,Dante.They both don't get along with each other...but then they became best pals as they get past through obstacles and trouble...Their second assignment together was to deliver a message to Kaleb in the town of Swendeller.But it seems something unexpected happened...

*Default Menu System(*Sigh*)
*A different style of charasets!(Adapted from another RMGame.)
*I think that's all?

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Does the game suck?

Umm..yeah.That's my question.Please post comments saying if if does or not.I just want to see how I improved since last year.
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Looks good, but the title 'Endless Fate' doesn't make sense. To put it simply, fate is an end that will happen regardless of circumstances. How can fate be endless?
Yeah...Seems like it.Guess I'm wrong but.
I don't know if it's possible to change the title.
Anyways thanks,bro.
Hey how about...HEAVEN:The Arc Sword...or HEAVEN:The Revenge...?
member of the bull moose party
Yeah ... I'd have to agree with dethmetal.
Sorry people...I have failed again...
But i promise i won't put another one
until i get at least a 25% or 50% of my game...
You haven't failed, Fate IS endless... It could be argued that there isn't just one fate for all of us in this life, and a new fate appears for every new born thing in this world... fate is cyclic... keep up the work, but please get the font fixed..! :-D

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