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Alexander Pope has inexplicably found himself in a library that holds every book ever written, and he has decided that he will read all the books available to him, even if it costs him his eyesight. His current read is Rime of the Ancient Mariner, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1798).

In this game, you will take control of The Ancient Mariner as he tells his story to The Wedding Guest (Coleridge himself).

Although there are a few battles, the game is not about fighting or grinding. The game is not about exploration, or about dialogue or choices. The game is not even about "a story".

The purpose of the game is to make the player feel frustration and desperation. By including several "maze" sections in the style of Zelda's "Lost Woods", the player will feel the hopelessness that the Ancient Mariner felt as he lived through his ordeal. By including similar and somewhat repetitive routines (during one section where, according to the poem, there is "nothing but water, and not a drop to drink", the player will have to wake up, steer the ship, and go back to sleep 2 or 3 times before progressing), players will experience the tediousness and borderline desperation of being trapped in a vessel with no clear heading and no hope of survival.

The 30 - 45 minute long game features a high difficulty level for those who want to experience it as it was meant to be, but includes an "easy" mode which includes save points for those less experienced.

The game runs without the need for installing the RTP.

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