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Based in a world similar to our own, where Magic survives in small protected pockets. With the disappearance off the Fairies from the world the Barrier is weakened, allowing Spirits and Constructs into the Magic Realm, only those with Fairy blood are able to Constrain and Banish these back to their own Realm.

Carla and Dorothy are descended from Fairies, this affords them the auspisious title of "Protectors of the Barrier", and as the cracks in the Barrier grow more frequent and larger they must use their Fairyborn magic to protect the Magic Realm from the Spirits and Contructs who cross over.

But before they can take on the adventure that truly awaits them, they must first learn to harness their powers.

This brings them, under the guiding hand of their Great Aunt Annie, one of the two Great Aunts who Protect the Magic Realm from forces the young girls are not strong enough to face yet, to an old Manor House plagued with Spirits.

It is up to Carla and Dorothy to clear the house of Spirits. But will their first encounter with the Spirit Realm be their last?

And why do their family seem to have a strange connection with the house?



- An Exploration/Mystery Game, with more emphasis on exploration than fighting.
- A new way to use magic, interconnected skills, where your characters have to work together in order to win.
- No MP for skill use! alternate skill costs.
- Visions, any and all visions Dorothy experiences are recorded and can be re watched, just incase you missed something important
- Open exploration, you can go anywhere and uncover everything, but not all the information you collect will make sense its own.
- 40 solid minutes of Gameplay.
- rtp version and non rtp version available for download in downloads section.


- Mapping complete
- Finished character art for Dorothy and Carla (no time to draw character art for the other characters... sigh... and will have to redo fix a little hen i have more time)
- Completed information screens (may need to redo after this month to make better)
- Trailer available with two different songs.
- All ghost story clues finished!
- Visions 1, 2 and 3 are complete!
- Vision 5 complete!
- Vision 4 complete!
- Gameplay Halfway completed!
- Database completed.
- Game Complete!

There's still a lot I would love to do with this game. But for the purposes of the Halloween Game it is complete. I'll go back and clean it up after I've slept some.

Not perfect, but hey, i tried.



- Yanfly messaging script
- Yanfly Battle Command script
- Yanfly Skill Cost script
- Fomar Faces to Busts script



- My friend Sarah, who gave me the idea for Dorothy and Carla and didn't get annoyed when her cutsey vision of them was commandeered to my evil, angsty, dark ways.
- My little brother, who was good enough to give me a basic plot to run away with (in between bemoaning the fact that he had to listen to me going on about my lack of plot)



- Yanfly & Fomar for the scripts
- Gyrowolf & D. C. Kairi Sawlerfor the music I've used in the game
- Rpg Maker Ace & Enterbrain for making it all possible
- The DS+ pack for my adorable little sprites
- Gimp, because seriously, none of it would have got done without it!
- Activepresenter, Windows Movie Maker & VLC, for the video recording I had so much fun playing with

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Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
If I were to describe this game in a single word it would be "almost".

This reminded me of the pilot to a kid's show. It was kind of cool in that regard. I think people going in expecting what this isn't supposed to be will be your worst enemy, but in a way that makes them their own worst enemy too LOL.

It also kind of reminded me of a less-developed version of that game with the kids who could transform into playground equipment who's name escapes me. Since this was for a jam and was severely time crunched, that's cool.

The ammo system was a little redundant because you put so much ammo all over the place it might as well have been unlimited. The only way a person could possibly lose that battle is if they intentionally skipped picking stuff up or were just really daft. I'd suggest either swap it for an item-puzzle boss system like Re:Kinder or decrease the amount of ammo.

The girls started to get some character development. The sheep bit was a nice touch and while I'd like to say it needed more if this is viewed simply as a pilot episode than it almost makes sense (still a little skimpy). The world lore is also decent for a start. Like I said, it feels like pitching a late-children/young-teen series.

The maps were mostly well-made but the utter lack of animation on things that are commonly animated like shinies kind of threw me for a loop.

The overall story was average and mostly predictable, even if the target audience is young teens.

Bugs and other problems:
Unlimited potions in the bush in the courtyard.
Total lack of animations.
A lantern in the hedge maze doesn't give a proper light.
After you get the top half Carla's art doesn't go away until you leave the room.
Having a text box stay when reading a letter is a bad idea. It covered some.
Using videos for the visions wasn't such a good move when events with an animated overlay would have been better and allowed for fast forwarding.
Some doors replay the "opening for the first time" dialogue even when it's not your first time.

There's potential here. Keep learning and improving.
I would love to play this game, but I'm having a problem with the download link :-( is there something I can do about it, Is it a problem with Chrome? (I click on it, and it doesn't pop up on my downloads. It doesnt do anything at all.) ps. I can download it somewhere else, other link? xxx
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