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Demonic Tutor - Version 2.0 Available!

Major Changes:

A new formula has been added to the core scripts to change how encounter rates work in this game. You will get in an encounter every 30 steps on a map. This step rate resets when going to a new map. This ensures that you won't get into a ridiculous number of encounters. It also changes the way the game is played. You now need to spend time getting into encounters to level up (ie. walking around a map to get the 30 steps required.) But for the most part you can walk through many areas without getting into too many encounters.

CSCA Difficulty Script replaced with KGC Battle Difficulty Ace.
Difficulty can be changed at any time from menu. Didn't spend a lot of time leveling up or doing extra quests? Well don't worry. You can change the difficulty to easy. Or if your feeling like a badass or want to do a New Game+ run you can always raise it to a higher as well.

Fomar ATB System removed. Skills will now activate based on speed. Healing spells and items have the highest speed. This was requested by many players and it also removes the possibility of the game crashing during battles.

Enemies will now drop items. Increasing the difficulty will increase the chance of dropping items.

Other minor changes.

Will you like this version:

This doesn't change the story, level design, or any of the other battle mechanics. So if you didn't like this game for those reasons then you can probably give this a pass.

If the above changes are appealing to you then I would definitely give this a go.

What's in the future:

I think I'm finished with Dragon Lancer, Giadon Saga, and Demonic Tutor. Don't expect anything in the future for these games. I think for the next RPG I make I want to try to improve my battle mechanics by making more interesting skills and bosses that require different kinds of strategies. Another thing I want to work on is my level design. No more hitting switches to open doors! Expect some sort of merging of what I have done in Chips Challenge and the best of what Demonic Tutor has to offer.