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More screenshots & a ton of news here:
Your stupid adventure awaits in Pokémon: Uncensored Edition, powered by the amazing Pokémon Essentials engine!

• Classic Pokémon gameplay with a twist
• 650+ catchable Pokémon
• New Pokémon (1 legendary)
• A whole new region, Runko
• Lots of swearing
• Sexual references
• Drug usage
• And so much more!

The world of Pokémon: Uncensored Edition is filled with dark humor. The content of this fangame is not to be taken seriously.
Pokémon: Uncensored Edition is about 10% finished.

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lol i subscribed cuz it has actual CATCHABLE pokemans in it lol dis fffffunny...........
No download link yet? Oh come on T.T
I can't wait please get it ready soon
Haha, this sounds pretty interesting. Subbed!!
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Well dammit. I had the balls to play the demo to this game. It's actually kind of funny sometimes, if not a bit bare bones as far as Pokemon Essentials games go.

Regardless, I have some concerns:

> Duuude get with the times, players get running shoes near the beginning of the game! You really should give em out somewhere, because the two routes leading up to fuckwad forest, or whatever it's called, are LONG. It gets more noticeable as you need to walk all the way back to the Viridian City clone to heal your Pokemon in the center, and it needlessly takes so much time to walk to and from the Poke Center. I say give the player running shoes.

> All of your Pokedex entries are the default. It's flippin' boring! Since this is somewhat of a joke/parody of the franchise, why not come up with funny/inappropriate dex entries for the Pokemon?

An example could be (for Pikachu's entry): "The most popular Pokemon for God knows what reason. Many mothers mistakenly believe this thing encompasses Pokemon as a whole."

Even better (for Wurmple's entry): "It's ass is on it's face. It also spews semen from that ass-face. This makes it an abomination before mankind."

Hey, you already went that far with the NPC dialogue, so you can do so with the dex entries, as well!

> WHY did you include an Ariados on Route 3!? That is a fully evolved Pokemon appearing along the first routes of the game! While it's moveset isn't that overpowering, it still takes a while to kill with higher HP compared to the other Pokemon in the area, in addition to completely eliminating the need to seek out a Spinarak to train it up to this guy, undermining the reward you receive from training your Pokemon. I really feel like you should just remove it from that area.

> That long cave that you walk through right before the first gym is kind of pointless. There's nothing to do in that section, especially since you don't seem to have any invisible items scattered about that I know of. Just start it off at the entrance to the gym if you don't want anything to happen in that cave section.

> Lol! Brock has a shiny Onix? Did you change this battle from the default at all? He was pretty easy, too, with his team being level 9 - 10? The first gym leader typically has Pokemon that are at least level 10, to encourage the player to grind more.

> I thought beating this gym would allow me to use Cut outside of battle, if I remember correctly from the npcs, but instead I'm only allowed to use Flash?

> The policeman guarding Route 10 has a bug. If you talk to him from the side instead of below, he constantly repeats his message and pushes you back. Only when you leave his viewing range (I am working with Essentials right now, so I kind of know how these type of events work) does he stop. You might need to set up a position-checking event on that map so that it doesn't happen.

Overall, I was surprised that I didn't have a bad first impression with it, but at the same time it felt kind of dull. Spice it up a little, and keep working with it I guess.
Where to get running shoes? O3O just started this game.
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