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The Wedding

This is the final version of the game. It's 100% complete.

Anima and Metus' parents are finally getting married on Uncle Jack's property. Anima loves the wedding but Metus isn't too excited to stay and wants to go explore the woods behind the wedding. The two children both walk deep into the property finding a odd house that holds unfathomable horrors and secrets kept from the world. The house has been hidden away for a reason...

This project was done by three people. It is the first game we have ever created and we are very excited for people to play it and give us their thoughts on our project.

Our name has changed!
From Unfurl Productions to Unfurl Games.
We are the same people! The credits to this game say "Unfurl Productions." This is still us! we have just changed our name.

For those who are wondering....
Anima is pronounced: Annie - Ma
Metus is pronounced: Met - Us

You can do a Let's Play of our game without asking for permission from us, just link to us the play list of the episodes and we can link it on our Facebook page and link to this website in the description. :)

PLEASE REMEMBER!: If you want to add our game to another website, MESSAGE us before hand either on Facebook or on here AND link to our Facebook page in the description along with our names. If you do not credit us we will find a way to take it down from the website. So please ask, we are very friendly and we reply quickly. We don't bite. :)


People! There is a walkthrough for our game! If you get truly please watch through this walkthrough, it has all of the answers and tells you how to get to the secret ending! Thank you so much https://www.facebook.com/lawlietautumn for doing this walkthrough for us! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?feature=edit_ok&list=PLVCZ5h9GtcX0zVbfLKZF_YK-J4T4FdswG

Having trouble with the Auntie section? Here is a gif that shows you the solution. SPOILERS IF YOU HAVE NOT GOTTEN TO AUNTIE YET!

Arrows Keys - Movement
Space Bar - Use/Accept/Interact
Escape - Opens Menu
F1 - Turn on or off sound and music.

Installing The Game:

Note: If you have already played the previous versions of this game (THAT INCLUDES THE DEMO) or played another RPG Maker XP game, skip Step Two.

For people who do not own RPG Maker XP you can still play this.

Step One - Extract the folder to your desktop (or where ever you like).
Step Two - Install xp_rtp104e. This is what contains most of the content.
Step Three - Extract/Install The Wedding by double clicking on it and placing it where you extracted the rar (should be set as default).
Step Four - Go to where you extracted/installed The Wedding and double click Game. Now enjoy!


Chinese - http://sycrealastudio.lofter.com/post/1c580c_2ae02b5
This translation was done by the user Sycreala. Thank you SO much for the translation! :)

Spanish - http://amane-sempai-traducciones.blogspot.com.ar/2015/04/the-wedding-traduccion-al-espanol.html
Thank you so much for the Spanish translation! :D


Q: Will you be adding a run button into the game?
A: No. You are designed to be slow during most of the game to simulate a frightened young girl who is trying to tread lightly around house/land that is infested with hostile creatures. She can't run fast.

Q: How do I install/I keep getting an error on load up, help?
A: 90% of the time it will be because you didn't install the RTP or are missing the Dll. Please look through the steps on here or the read this!.txt file to help you out OR re download the game.

Q: Can I make a let's play series of your game?
A: Yes you can! :) You need to link to our facebook page (see below) or this page in your description and you will be all set! :)

Q: Can I add your game to another website?
A: Not with out messaging us and asking us for permission as well as linking to the page you want to upload it.

Q: What is the answer too?/Where do I go?/How do I do this?
A: Sorry but we cannot give you the answer. We would love for you to try and figure out the puzzles yourself. We do have a walk through if you are completely stuck.

You can message us/See what we are doing on
Unfurl Games' Facebook page.


Latest Blog

Group Name Change

We have changed our name from Unfurl Productions to Unfurl Games. We feel it is a lot more comfortable to say and it is shorter too.

We are still the same people! The credits at the end of The Wedding says "Unfurl Productions." This is still us! We just changed our name, that is all. :)

Thank you guys for the 2.3k + downloads we couldn't be more happy with the feedback and support everyone has given us!
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  • 10/20/2013 12:21 PM
  • 09/06/2022 09:30 PM
  • 10/20/2013
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Guardian of the Description Thread
For my own part, I got as far getting the Clean Note, and flicked the switch in the room where I found it. The fuse box in the main hallway gave me a line about putting the notes together. I assume this has something to do with unlocking the south door in that hallway. However, the notes don't seem to combine. At least, not with what I have on my person. I very probably I missed something, but I'm not sure where it is!

*Edit: That title screen music sounds oddly like something out of Breath of Fire - Dragon Quarter. I can't really put my finger on anything specific, though.

*Edit2: Saw the solution I needed on the Facebook page. I'm lame like that.
It's all good! I hope you are enjoying it!

As for the title screen music, I sure hope the creator of it messages me ASAP because I got it from a royalty free website ages ago and the file has the name of the song, album and artist but I can't find it on Google. :/

Perhaps I should check through some of the soundtracks to Breath Of Fire - Dragon Quarter to check someone didn't just throw it onto that website.

PS: If you really need help and you are incredibly stuck, message me and I'll try to help you out :).
Guardian of the Description Thread
At this point, I'd say the title screen's music is reminiscent of Middle Layer Area, but it's certainly not the same thing.

*Edit: The thing that's going to piss me off the most about this game is the slow walk speed. I guarantee it! Not that this is a good thing, but...
Yeah, I think I said something about the walk speed before, but I don't think that was changed, tsk tsk!
Sorry but I don't like how jumpy the movement speed settings are. Slow and Fast are stupidly different in speed, if I could have a middle mix of slow and fast it would of been perfect. Anima is a small girl, little people don't run fast!

There is a room you move faster in though... Does that make it better? :D

im going to download this because it looks really fun to play ;3 ill give a review when im done playing C:
ive done playing the game :3 reviewing now ~
I don't know why this didn't post before but I wanted to mention that when I have to use the axe on the statues the game freezes. Any reason for that? Like I can't do anything, I can't move, use the menu or anything, I'm like stuck in front of the statue.
Hmm the new version should of fixed that... The axe ends up killing you so don't even bother using it, there is another way to solve it.
I wanted to try the game but as others mentioned this, the walk speed is way too slow for me. I felt like I was dragging the character. I understand the reason you wanted to have it slow but, it's bit too slow even for the little girl in my opinion. I gave up at the first room...
If you ever add sift to rush the character, I will definitely play this game.
That's okay nemesis. I wanted my game to be this way, personally I don't find it so slow it completely turns me from continuing on... But if you really wanna see what happens there is a walkthrough you can watch but in the walkthrough the books that contain a lot of back story are not read.

I thought about adding a shift to run and I might do so for only part one. You can watch part one of the walkthrough than play the game from part two if you want?

Either way I personally don't want Anima running that fast all the time.
Don't make duplicate accounts in order to review your own game, guys!
how lenght the game?
It depends on how well you can solve puzzles. If you are good at it, I'd say anywhere between 40 mins to an hour. If you can't solve puzzles well expect anywhere between 1 - 2 hours. I do have a walkthrough you can watch in case you are stuck. If you have a question please message me rather than leaving a comment down here :).
Hey, may I do a let's play of this game?
I promise to give all the credit where it's due and put links to your sites/downloads in the description. It's fine if not.
Really like what I've played so far :)
You sure can. :)

I am glad you are enjoying it. :D
Oh hey, I came here after seeing this in Gameshed. The game looks pretty awesome, so I'll try it out.

*sees lack of reviews*

I think I might review this for Reviewrim too...
I am glad you found the home of this game. A review would be very nice. ;)
I played, and will review, but here are some glitches I found.

-The axe on the table. When you pick it up and use it on the statue, it works fine from the bottom of the table, but if you try from the top, Anima's movement instruction will collide her with the statue and loop endlessly (game freezes).
-Also, picking the wrong glass container, then saving, shouldn't even be a possibility. That's just cruel at that stage of the game.
The axe on the table is frustrating. I have fixed it numerous times and it still is bugged. It's beyond me how it is happening.

As for the glass container I didn't know how I could get around this problem at the time. :(

After all, it is our first game using RPG maker XP.

Edit: In version 1.1 I removed the axe and added more save states, one of the save states occurs when you open the cabinet, this way it should help cancel out that issue unless you go out of your way to save over the save slot you just used.
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