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Progress Report

March 2014, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Make the Game

I recently read an interview with Hironobu Sakaguchi, the godfather of the Final Fantasy series. On the subject of one of his latest games(The Last Story for the Wii) he expressed how he wanted to focus on creating a smaller more detailed area for the game to take place in, rather than the sprawling world most RPGs share. He had the entire game take place on a very detailed island, with a few events taking place outside of it. This appealed to me in a way, and I've adopted that idea.

On that note, I've adopted that idea and scaled the world down quite a bit. I'd love to make an RPG with a huge world and an epic 4-disc long story, but quite frankly that's more work than I can handle and would severely reduce the quality of the game. A smaller world will result in a much more vibrant and memorable experience. I want players to be familiar with every town they visit and not disregard it because the next town has shiny new equipment.

Character creation has been tweaked and after getting a bit of feedback I've toned down the saturation a bit. Here's a look at the new creation menu:

As you may have noticed from the above screenshot, there are only three races now. I'd originally planned to have a fourth(Robots) in the style of FFL's World of Ruins robots, but I've decided they just don't fit in. I have far too much work to do with balancing the current races as it is, so it'll be for the best. On that note, combat has been rebalanced again, because logic. Magic has been tweaked so it does a proper amount of damage for the cost. If you choose to level up a mutant, they'll improve the power of their spells, and some spells may gain new traits or the ability to target more than one enemy. Mutants can now regain a small amount of stamina(essentially mana for all races) per turn(or over time when out of battle), while other races need to rest to restore their stamina. Mutant and Monster attack and defense changed considerably. Equipment costs and stats have been adjusted as well. Mutants and Monsters steamrolled the early game with high attack and defense, while Humans needed a lot of equipment to keep up. I've also adjusted each race's HP to better balance them.

Additionally, Monsters have finally received a much needed update. Monsters now have the ability to use three Absorb skills: Absorb HP, Absorb SP and Absorb Soul. Absorbing HP does a small amount of damage, but heals the character. Absorbing SP restores stamina, allowing the monster to use more skills. Absorbing an enemy's soul(or part of it) does significantly more damage, but provides no immediate benefit to the monster. Using any of the above skills has a (high) chance of allowing the monster to absorb said enemy's soul after the battle ends, assuming the enemy is killed quickly. If you take too long the opportunity will be lost and you'll have to try again. Instead of the original equip system I had going, Monsters will immediately equip a soul upon absorbing it. Souls provide various stat boosts. The previously mentioned "Land, air and sea" classes for monsters have been scrapped in favor of this new system.

To compliment this new system, I'm planning on adding a new NPC that deals with souls. This NPC will be able to take a monster's absorbed soul and use it to provide them with more permanent boosts. The soul will be permanently destroyed, but the monster may receive permanent stat boosts, new skills or even various mutations. I have other possible plans - I've been considering putting monsters on a separate leveling system that requires absorbing a certain amount of souls, but that's still heavily in progress.

One last system has been implemented: Party wipes. Should your entire party fall in battle, all party members except the leader will perish. At this time you'll keep any equipment they had, but will have to recruit 3 new party members. The idea behind this is to give death an actual meaning instead of a simple game over, but I didn't want to be as harsh about it as FFL was(when a character died they were gone for good, with the exception of your first character). This is still undergoing some testing and feedback, though, so it's subject to change at a moment's notice.

That's all for now, but I'll have more updates at a later date as well as some new screenshots.

Progress Report

2014 Progress Evaluation Conference Conference and Raffle

It's been a slow year in development, but a lot of progress has been made, and I have a little list of some of that progress right here:

Dialogue updates galore!

In an effort to "modernize" the game, so to speak, I'm once again redoing the dialogue. Instead of static conversations, the player will have more input and conversation options. You'll be able to ask key NPCs quest-specific questions, such as where you were supposed to go or who needs to be murdered. Things like that. Other NPCs may or may not be willing to give you directions around town, or perhaps a quest or two.

Story-wise, not much has been done yet. I've been adding a bit of fluff and flavor to the world. Stories have never really been my strong point, so for now I'm working on giving the game a solid direction - Making sure the player knows what they're doing. I don't want anyone wandering aimlessly. Yet. Aimless wandering will hopefully be rewarded in the far-off future.

Not implemented yet: Making sure all NPCs in a town have a house, because logic. Also, it'll help with some planned NPC quests.

Race & Class Updates

Mutants now have an Earth element option, giving them 4 different elements to choose from. Details about Earth magic will be released later. This is to build anticipation or something, and definitely not because I don't have everything done yet. Perish the thought.

In addition, I've decided that Monsters will have three different "classes" available to them: Land, Air and Sea. This will be similar to the Mutant class' elements, but will mostly determine what type of monster abilities they can learn.

A new race will be available eventually: Robots, as suggested by a few people. Robots will focus on upgrades to change the way they fight and interact with the world. Rather than use a standard equipment system for this, I plan to allow the player to gradually upgrade them. I don't have too much planned out at this point, though - This is a long way off, and I won't even start on them until I've finished the other races.

Combat and Grinding

Nothing to see here, really. Just been tweaking and balancing the combat a bit. The goal is to allow one to play through the game with any race or class combination(within reason) without the need to spend time grinding.

I lied. There is no raffle.
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