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The highly popular first community game in the "Easy Mac" series. Follow GW characters Erave, Mr. Y, Bart and others on an adventure to save the Kraft Factory.

When a competitor to the Easy Mac Franchise, Mr. Y, loses his business and is forced to live in the slums; Mr. Y hatches a plan to attack back. Assembling a rag tag team of Erave/Easy Mac haters Mr. Y launches a deadly attack on Kraft Factory. Can Erave and his friends stand up to the challenge?

Known for its sub-par graphics and visuals, The Easy Mac Game was a huge hit due to its simple charm and the fact that are only about 5 battles in the entire game! Sidequests and tons of NPCs to talk to! Can YOU get the secret ending?

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  • Erave
  • RPG Tsukuru 2000
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  • 06/13/2007 03:54 PM
  • 05/31/2023 07:59 AM
  • 06/13/2007
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?????? my bro played it said its good....
wow this game really is... easy
Resident Terrapin
This game is no doubt lost on the current day RPG Maker, which is too bad because it's a classic
I have to play your game at some point. I love Easy Mac and all forms of mac&cheese.
there is no execute file in your download
Really, Easy Mac? Where you just sittin there eating mac and cheese and thought, "Hey, this is FUN". Nevertheless, I am going to come back to this and try it out one day, but until then, I'll leave it at that.
Add your own execution file to play the game. Also, I'm not sure what made me make this game. I was a teenager!
So this is the first ever infamous chain game for RPG Maker. Need to check this out.
Nope, this is not the chain game! I was a part of the original Chain Game 1. This may be a near equal to that in old school epicness though.
Oh... where can I get the first GW chain game and what's its name?
The link for the first GW Chain Game is now dead, so here's a fresh upload:

(And the official title seems to be "Da Chain Game")
Löl, Erave should submit that part of history, too. Although I expect it too be even more crappy than ''Easy Mac''. X-D
I gotta say that this is one of the most bland, forgettable fan games I've ever played, if not the most bland games I've played.

There were maybe 1 or 2 times where I actually laughed out loud, and halfway through the experience, I felt that the game truly began to drag 1/3 of the way in.

Sorry, but this was not very enjoyable.
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