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Oldie but Goodie

  • Fighter
  • 06/15/2007 04:19 PM
Easy Mac is a 'community game' created around 4-5 years ago for the GamingW.net forums. Naturally, the GW-based story and characters will fly over some peoples' heads as a result.

The story is a simple tale of jealousy and revenge with strong characterization and some memorable scenes. The story is probably the most compelling aspect of the game, which earned a substantial amount of popularity at the time. Graphics are somewhat unique and work very well with the settings, while the colorful sprites from the individual community members are still awesome. Music is mostly from well known RPGs, but it fits nicely. With its simple meat and potatoes battle scenes, Easy Mac's weakest aspect is probably gameplay, but there are some mini-games to keep you occupied. This game is short, but quite fun to play through even now; I'd say it is around an hour long.

Overall, Easy Mac is recommended to most, but for people who weren't around at GW c. 2002-2003 it might be hard to appreciate it out of context.