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Balanced Version Posted

  • Racheal
  • 11/05/2013 01:00 AM
So four days later, here is what the contest entry was supposed to be. I've run through the game dozens of times now, and I'm fairly happy with the balancing of the battles and I think I've finally quashed every strange bug that would randomly appear.

There are a couple minor things I'd like to fix eventually, but nothing worth delaying the release. (In case you're curious, I want to play with the battle transition so that it is actually visible on the mostly black maps and trim the opening dialogue...somehow.)

I touched on this in a comment in the previous blog, but here are some of the changes you can expect:
-A battle log which is visible by pressing a "cancel" button when selecting moves. This log also states what newly inflicted states do.
-The ability to "quit" a battle with a single press of the F9 key. No longer will you be stuck in a losing battle just waiting for the rest of your party to die.
-A preview of what skills can be learnt in the menu. This makes the choice of who to use the training manual on a little less blind.
-In the contest version, stat upgrades were just randomly handed out for beating the three "boss" monsters. Now you find a total of 15 by exploring the maps! There's one in most rooms.
-Changed Roberta's last skill to something a bit more useful.
-Battles that have days spent on them instead of a couple hours! What a concept! I'd say about a quarter of the skills in the contest version didn't even do what they were supposed to! Battles are generally more difficult now. Because I did not have the time to properly balance them, I had erred on the side of mind-numbingly easy because I'd rather the player be bored with them than frustrated.
-Replaced some of the old music that was thrown in temporarily just for the sake of not having silent battles.
-Some more animation and artwork to the first and final cutscenes.

Enough talk! Go download it if you were holding out before. We didn't get anyone besides ourselves to test it, so let us know if you find any issues that need to be addressed.