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The mighty sorceress, Ogiwara Ryoko, has long been researching a way to make contact with the spirits. She has found two differing methods of doing this. She calls upon her apprentice to gather the materials for both methods. As her apprentice leaves, she finds herself beginning to doubt the wisdom of that action.

With Okiku, Star Apprentice, players take the role of Okiku, a wizards apprentice whose task is to seek out various spell components for her master. However, Okiku is not particularly serious about her job. Or much of anything else, for that matter.

Personal background:
At first, I wanted to have a shooting system in place for possible puzzle-solving shenanigans. After many frustrations in failure, that idea was abandoned. However, I still had a face-set, a character sprite, and maybe I could still do something with them. This is that something.
As something of a forewarning, this is a game whose humor is aimed toward those who find it's kind of humor funny. Just a friendly heads-up.

Other links of interest:
This game's game-thread on RPG Maker Web.

Latest Blog

RTP-less download available!

I've just finished uploading a version of the game that does not require the RTP! Get it via the downloads tab; it's the one labeled "Okiku, Star Apprentice (Full)"!

At least, I THINK it doesn't require the RTP.

Let's back up a bit, and explain things.

While I was making this game, I made a list of which files from the RTP I used. I used that list to copy-paste over files to make this newer download.

However, I can't help but to think that I overlooked something.

Anyway, if anybody gets an error message about missing files from the "full" version, this is the place to let me know about it!

As to who NEEDS the "full" version...

If you have no idea what an "RTP" is, then, you probably want to download the full version!

If you know what it is, but don't have it (or don't want to mess with getting it), then the "full" version is also for you!

Happy gaming!

  • Completed
  • Marrend
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure
  • 11/30/2013 02:35 PM
  • 08/30/2023 07:49 PM
  • 04/19/2014
  • 143282
  • 26
  • 1671


Future Ruler of Gam Mak
This page is trippy.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Whoa! Been a while since this humble page got any activity!

Hey. Oz. Plaaaaaay iiiiiit. You knooooow you want toooooo.

Unless you've already done so.

That would be the best!

Future Ruler of Gam Mak
I have not played it yet, I shall give it a play and find out if Okiku is a good student, or just a helpless slob.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Oh? There is actually doubt as to how good a student she is?

Hey! Get off my page!

No respect, I tell you. No respect!

Okiku seens at ... cute and kind student! Yeah!
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
I finally played the game! And I can say with certainty, that Okiku is one of the Apprentices of all time.

My personal score? 4.5/5
Guardian of the Description Thread
Hey, thanks for giving this a go, and for the stream!

This might be an older game, but, it always surprises me at how it (mostly) still stands up, despite it's age. There's maybe two other games in my repertoire that use a revised/updated version of the WoB mechanic, one of them being...

...this game.