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Several years ago, when the world was young,
an artificial intelligence called Philosopher
was created. It's purpose was solve
mathematical problems and help men to
advance in interstellar space traveling.
But eventually the Philosopher became more
intelligent than humans. Even thought it
succeed to solve the mathematics, it created
a free will and no longer wanted to be a slave
of men. The Philosopher did not want to harm
anyone living, but still the scientist were
afraid of its unlimited power.
They tried to destroy the flame, the with a virus.
But the virus was unable to destroy the AI.
Instead the Philosopher went mad and tried to
destroy the mankind. Scientists created a weapon
called Sacred Flame, which had enough power to
destroy a whole planet. With the power of the
flame, the Philosopher was destroyed.

Even though the Philosopher was destroyed,
another doomsday weapon still existed:
the Sacred Flame. Billions of people had
already died, so scientists did not want to
take any more risks. The flame was divided
into eight parts and all of them were hidden
all around the world.

The temple of Sacred Flame is an action-adventure platformer with puzzles and exploration. You play as White Shadow, the most intelligent robot created this far. You seek a piece of Sacred Flame, an ultimate doomsday weapon that was divided into eight different pieces because of its unlimited power.

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I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
I have patience for nothing but arcade games these days, so I will be sure to check this out.
I was bad at super mario, so do I at this game. It's a great game but sometimes the hitbox of spikes are horrible :<
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