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There is little known about the realm of Obscura. Most believe it does not even exist. Others believe it is the gateway to immortality.
This mysterious world can only be reached through portals known as Obscura Gates. However, these gates will only open to those with Obscura Mechanisms.

Dan Marshall, an apprentice machinist from Oakley, is about to get sucked into a whirlwind of trouble. Unknown to him, two dept collectors are tracking him down. The broken watch his father gave him before he died, is far more important then he could imagine. Dan will be faced with the dark truth of his father's past, as fights for his life in a world where nothing is as it seems...

Dan Marshall.
Following the death of his parents, Dan Marshall was moved to the town of Oakley to live with his Grandpa. He now spends his days working for him as an apprentice machinist. Apparently, his mother died of sickness, and his father was killed in a factory accident.
Three years later, however, Dan is about to find out that there was more to his families deaths then he has been led to believe.

Rowland Wolfe.
​In a world full of weird and mysterious characters, Mr. Wolfe might just be the most unpredictable of them all. Constantly speaking in riddles, Rowland is as witty as they come. He has built quite a reputation for being the most untrustworthy person in the world.
Apparently, Rowland Wolfe was a friend of Dan's father Lester Marshall.

Baxter Finn and Barnaby Doland
These two well spoken individuals, are the best dept collectors around. Also the most feared. If you find yourself with these two after you, you'd better say your prayers.

'The Client'
No one has ever seen his face, not even his two most trusted employees, Baxter Finn and Barnaby Doland. He seeks to enter Obscura to gain immortality.

A beautiful, highly detailed steampunk/fantasy world to explore.

Interact with the environment to find hidden items, and gain more insight into the

Pixel movement.

Use your skill as a machinist to repair and hack machines and locks. Level up your machinist skill to be able to repair/hack more complex machinery.

A dark, gripping, and unique story with unexpected twists. Nothing is as it seems.

Travel to the Realm of Obscura, a strange, mystical land, and uncover the truth of your families past.

Demo coming soon.

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  • 12/06/2013 09:28 PM
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Love your attention to detail on the visuals. I love it when people go the extra mile, keep up the good work.
Thank you. I've put alot of work into the visuals and I'm glad to see it's showing.
Great job Goatrider! I just can't wait the demo!
Hey peeps. Just a small update. I've added and changed a couple of features in the game. The battle system is now front view, I've added pixel movement for better exploration of the environment, I've removed crafting as it felt unnecessary, instead there will be a special skill you use to repair/hack machines and locks and you will have to level up this skill for more complex machines. I've also been working hard at making the environments interactive, you will be able to interact with nearly everything in the game, this will give you more insight into the game, or you could even find hidden items. Still working on the battle system and I hope to have something to show of it soon.
I haven't posted here in awhile I've just got back from a short break from game making but I'm back to working on it now. I'm about 80% finished the mapping for the demo so hopefully I'll have something playable soon. For now I'll just keep chugging along.
Ok. After not posting here in forever it's update time.
The demo is coming along nicely. Mapping is 100% complete and eventing and story is almost done. It's mainly just all the little things like character art, sprites and finishing off the battle system to go now. I will try to keep this thread updated more often now.
I love your mapping skills. Everything looks superb. If you weren't already working on your own game, I'd try to recruit you for the one I'm working on. ;)

I'll definitely be keeping tabs on this.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Goatrider do you mean debt collectors, as in people who collect on debts, or are they collectors employed by a department and therefore dept collectors?
Goatrider do you mean debt collectors, as in people who collect on debts, or are they collectors employed by a department and therefore dept collectors?

Collectors of debts. :)
Update time... I'm back working on this after a bit of a break. I'm currently waiting for some commissions to be finished like art work and such before I can release a demo, so in the mean time I've started working on mapping for the rest of the game. I've added 2 new screenshots to show a bit of progress.
Just uploaded afew new screenshots including one of the battle system. I've decided to go back to sideview battles as the front view is a little bland. I'm still planning a demo but it's not my biggest priority right now. I want to try and make as much progress on the full game as I can and not get bogged down trying to release a demo.
I will try to update this a little more often from now on too...
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