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Developer: Jonathan BRASSAUD
Genre: Platformer/Action/RPG
Support: PC/Android
Languages: French/English
Web Site: http://pixold.craym.eu/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Inexistenceindygame


Inexistence is an indie game created by a passionate team of amateurs.

Jonathan BRASSAUD : Game Design, Scenario, Graphiscs, Level Design, Animations, Programming
Etienne Zizka : Animations, translation other artistic contributions
Fawzi Allouache : Musics
Nicolas Etten : Artworks
(Special thanks to Romain Desmareceaux for his technical support.)

The game is meant to reminiscence older, retro games. The objective in creating this game is to recreate the feeling of the older games such as Castlevania, Metroid, Mario, Megaman, etc…


Play as Hald in this 2D plaformer with RPG elements and discover a strange world, filled with danger and mystery. Concealed in every level are various treasures waiting to be discovered by those willing to explore…

Other systems

* Manage your own stats as you gain levels.
* Purchase various useful items at shops.
* Visit the blacksmith to manage your equipment (full game)
* Participate in time attacks and share your scores online (full game)
* Various difficulty levels (full game)

…to all the beta testers, your awesome work has been mentioned in the credits.
… to Kyalie for her Artwork of Hald.
… toRomain68 for the pixel art present in the in-game menu.
… to Shin for his artwork used in the header of the website.

Final Word

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy my game. I am very interested in your comments and suggestions regarding the future development of the rest of the game.

Feel free to visit the facebook page for the game and share the news with your friends!

Thank you!

Latest Blog

Inexistence on Kickstarter!

That's it!

After months of hardworking, we're finally proud of the Kickstarter campaign launch!
Now this is serious, we're in! We wish earn 30K for the game development.

If it works, we could manage our dream & live with our passion!


Do not hesitate to share the info with your friends!
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  • 12/25/2013 05:27 PM
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  • 05/12/2014
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Judging from the screenshots, the French version has many spelling and grammar errors. The font also lacks accents.

Nice visuals.
What screenshoots ?
Pictures posted here are in English.
For spelling and grammar errors, this is strange because I'm French and the game has been audited to have the least possible, but do not hesitate to note the ones you saw.

All text in the above two images are in French.
Did you try to update the images with the English ones? If so, it didn't work. Try changing the names of the images and upload them again.

Here are the corrected sentences:
-Amulette Gravité (needs an acute accent on the final "e")
-Permet d'utiliser de la magie et d'envoyer des projectiles. (or you could also say: Permet d'envoyer des projectiles magiques.)
-Il y a bien longtemps, dans un endroit éloigné de tout, vivaient paisiblement un jeune homme et sa soeur. (just add acute accents on "eloigne")
How are the only posts on this about grammar? This looks really good.
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